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Pooja Basnett Jun 2021
When hearts break and dreams shatter in secret,
they make the loudest noise!
Jalaj Soni Feb 2018
"Look around you"

People are smiling, cheering their friends
Lifting the spirits of those that don't dissent
Carefree, responsible and respectfully mature
While only the pauses from routine, work as my cure

White light strikes the prism of my life
Prisoner of time, I am a slave of my grief
I'm blinded by your expectations and needs
They are weighing down on my survivor's instincts

I'm choking on my tears, I'm preying on my smile
I'm dying every morning, I'm dying every night
I'm strangling my desires to ever find peace
I'm forcing every poison to be gulped in by me

No music can help me, no art can sway me
No rush can stop me from laying down to quit
No rifle can shoot me, no knife can stab me
And hope to **** a soul, but an empty vessel

I sleep and I hope to wake up, no more
I have lost all my passions to the mighty orders of bores
I caution myself every day to never hope for hope
For its a noose, to my shimmering eyes, swinging through death

I can't live like this, I can't suffocate
And smile like all my dreams are as my childhood left
I can't accept the myopia of the world around me
Ridicule of my desire to see myself as a work of art

I can't stay mindless of the fact that all my friends are slaves
I can't stay ignorant to the ease of creeps, cheaps and strays
I am tired of keeping myself safe, with a silent venomous dagger
I need someone to put my faith in and leap into the dark, forever
redberries Dec 2017
Fate has been the kindest
Defying society's cruelty
It tries its best to preserve
the shattered dreams and fantasies

Fate wept for the brokenhearted
Don't **** it
Fate is on our side

— The End —