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Lewis Sep 2020
I walk in beauty
As if Venus has bestowed her wings on my back.
Her frolicked hair in oil paint
perhaps I am her redemption?
To seek both answer and truth
In an age without stone cut statues?

But I do not resemble the sliced abdomen of statues
and I am not gilded in beauty
nor do I tell the perfect truth.
I tend to look back,
craving redemption
illustrated in paint

My fingers tremble in paint
frozen at the canvas like a statue.
There is no point in a redemption
when I cannot see beauty.
So I learn that I will not be back
until I have learnt the truth.

And when I have learnt this truth,
so stark as oil paint,
I must make the decision to come back.
Of course I will change, for I am not a statue,
but I will be shrouded in my own beauty
for Venus will get her redemption.
Brody Blue Dec 2019
Love is all that’s good
In this realm of night and day.
We walk hand in hand,
Two lovers in light,
Till pale bones strewn in the rain
Is all that is left.

If not for the left
Turns that turn the tide from good
Cheer, to solemn rain,
Every given day
Would be fully filled with light,
None spent hand in hand.

But I fear the hand
We’re dealt will not leave much left,
Not a beam of light,
Much less something good.
And so now we brave each day,
Stoop and pray for rain,

Then when comes the rain,
Remain inside with our hand
Folded like the day
Each night, right and left,
Conflating fear with what’s good,
The dark with the light.

Love does not make light
Of those icy sheets of rain,
Nor thinks they are good,
But lends you a hand
And helps you take what you’re left
With, bright'ning your day,

Making every day
In spite of its darkness, light.
When nothing is left
Of the solemn rain,
Again hand in hand,
You’ll see it was good.

Thru that day of rain,
The light from your lover’s hand
Left you feeling good.
Brody Blue Dec 2019
Not until you learn
To be kind to fellow man,
Who, unlike the sun,
Still has much to find
In the shadows cast by good
Intentions of will,

Can you thrive and will
Everything you come to learn
Be fruitful and good.
For in every man
Is a universe to find
That outshines the sun.

For under the sun,
Where immense heat halts all will,
Nothing you will find,
Nothing you can learn,
Competes with the heart of man
When within is good.

Man is all that’s good.
By man alone is the sun
Understood, as man
Utilizes will
And has tamed the beast to learn
To name what he finds.

In nature, you’ll find
It knows no such thing as good,
And you will soon learn
The indifferent sun
Has no heart, no soul, no will,
Near the likes of man.

In the heart of man
Resides all courage to find,
For courage is will’s
Resolve to do good,
As unlike the deathless sun:
Only man can learn.

Man has all the good
You can find beneath the sun,
For, by will, they learn.
Brody Blue Dec 2019
Puzzling the will
Time immemorial, love
Floods the realm of time.
Midday thru midnight,
Hearts attempt to blind the mind,
Till souls fall headlong

Into hell’s pit, long
Before our determined will
Submits to our mind.
Nothing comes from love
By lovers in endless night;
Swiftly moves the time

Till there is no time,
And the days that once seemed long
Turn forever night.
What good will your will
Be if there’s no soul to love?
So keep it in mind,

Your limited mind,
That in unlimited time,
All but for your love
Will not last for long.
You won’t live to see your will
Brighten someone’s night

Lest you brave the night
With the might of your own mind,
And by strength of will,
Disregard all time
So long as the day is long;
Only then will love

Truly be true love.
For even a stormy night
Is not for love long.
For love’s of the mind,
As the heart cannot bear time
Nor implement will

That love has in mind.
Thru the night and for all time,
Love lasts long past will.
This is a sestina made up of six pairs of haikus, and a single haiku at the envoi.
JaxSpade Dec 2019
The loving nature of this earth
Provides us never-ending love
Yet humans abuse her gift
And they are destroying all she gives
Her beautiful face lays battered
As she loves us unconditionally

Shouldn't we love her back unconditionally
And take care of our lovely earth
We could save her from the batter
And fall into the deepest love
All we have to do is give
For she surely deserves this gift

We all like to receive gifts
And to give them unconditionally
Everyone has something they could give
To the reception of our earth
There is a plethora of love
Even for a world so battered

Bullied, bruised, and battered
Seems to be the common gifted
Where is the abundance of love
To share with our planet unconditionally
Poor mother earth
Begging for us humans to give

Reach deep in your heart and give
For no mother should be battered
All men should love this earth
And the creation of God's gift
As he loves us unconditionally
We too can share this love

It is written, God is love
And it has always been his nature to give
For he first loved us unconditionally
Let us never succumb to satan's battering
But rather receive Gods blessing and gift
With open arms we shall love our earth

Love should never be battered
Give our mother a gift
Of unconditional love for earth
Riley Swett Nov 2019
Your memories stain my mind like your lipstick

On my mugs. The scent of you intertwined with coffee.

At this empty table I sit, my body a shell.

I remember you across from me, adding milk

Into my cup. I can still picture the past

Too well. I can’t say this isn’t fair.

From the moment you saw my eyes wander at the fair

I knew you no longer wore your lipstick

For me. What we had was now in the past.

We still kissed, but now we wouldn’t share our coffee;

No longer did we share the small things. Milk

No longer in my cup, bitter brew filling my shell.

I miss your presence, allowing me to shell

Out the love I held for you. Is it fair

To want you here? I want you to add milk

To my cup even though I hate it. Your lipstick

Stain, still on my mug, mixing your flavors with my coffee.

I still haven’t wiped it off to protect our past.

I wasn’t this addicted to you in the past

But I’ve begun to hate this empty shell.

I’ve never hated sharing love with you. Now coffee

With you no longer exists. Not after the fair.

You no longer stained mugs, you only placed somber lipstick

Upon my mouth. A mouth who can’t stand coffee and milk.

I don’t know how I took it for so long. Milk

Made me sick. What happened is in the past.

It matters not where you place your lipstick

Whether your stains are on my mug, or my shell-

There is no question that this is fair.

I didn’t appreciate your love in our coffee

Now I cannot tell you how much that coffee

Means to me. How much I miss it with milk.

I wish I could say what you did wasn’t fair.

I still cannot rid myself of our past.

I want to wipe you off my mugs, off my shell.

You’re gone, but I can still see your lipstick.

I sit alone, drinking coffee with our past.

No longer is milk filling my vacant shell.

Is it really fair to long for your lipstick?
This poem express my lost love and my longing for the small things we shared together. This is written in the form of a sestina but not strictly in iambic pentameter.
ANH Oct 2019
Just as there's light, there's darkness in everyone's life.
It's stark, shadowing sunlight, and doesn't yield.
Just how is anyone meant to jauntily thrive
in an ostentatious world meant to shield
Beading, beating eyes from those that suffer
from vicious, bleeding lies?

A pawn cannot decide where it lies
in the everchanging game of fate that is its life
being puppeteered by monsters who make their pieces suffer
from their callous thrones that do not yield.
For they always use an invisible shield
to ensure that they always thrive.

In such a world, how is it we are meant to thrive?
Sinking deeper and deeper in blatant lies
of the quixotic dreams of old to shield
the simple fact that we are taught to live a life
where we stand subservient and yield
the abuses of those in power who make us suffer.

For such a long time we were taught to suffer
through storming skies. Beaten, impossible to thrive.
Time can wither our ability to yield
the pain inflicted by those who tell noxious lies.
A sunken arrow into our psyche to devastate life
worth living and love that cannot hide though any shield.

What else other than our love do they want to shield?
Without, there is no cure for those who suffer
and carry on with the hardships of life.
We live in those pockets of light and thrive
in a different world where we banish the lies
that our worth is measured in what we yield.

Despite my pride, there are the times where I yield
to those shadows in the sky. Yet you shield
the rain and I can see where that crescent lies
above our heads. Cease what we suffer,
the moonlight sonata within tries to reach out and I thrive
from your touch of endless life.

I know it seems we're predetermined to suffer
But take my hand and we'll thrive
as I try to hold onto the fragments of this life.
I started this as an assignment two years ago. I finally finished.
Ron Conway Oct 2019
The landscape narrows to a sharpened point
In grasp of fall's lost memory of spring
Flowing reeds and grass of every kind
Muddy shore where lilies once did  lie
Underwater snags I know so well
Aspen leaves afloat on reckless current

The sky alight it strikes a vicious current
Like mother nature's exclamation point
Startled, though the spirit knows **** well
The heart restarts as if upon a spring
Vivid hues confront the silent lie
Nature is not always good and kind

The night evokes dreams of a different kind
Triggering your demons past and current
You might not know just were the secrets lie
Don't waste your time in search; you'll miss the point
Take your water from the flowing spring
You'll never know which one's the poisoned well

In case you think that life is going well
Think why there are no other of your kind
You may never find eternal spring
Where gentle breezes blow in spiral current
A spider draws its net from point to point
In centre of another's death bed lie

We contemplate the stars 'low which we lie
So vast the distance yet still seen so well
Against pure darkness shines the smallest point
The universe becomes so coldly kind
Our souls an interruption in the current
So from our beating hearts will joy now spring

Ideas launch like from a coiled spring
They only serve to perpetrate the lie
You squander time and effort to be current
Now I see you've drunk from tainted well
The choice is not to be true or be kind
We could try to fix this thing but what's the point

when rage the current from the meagre spring
we reach the very point where promise lie
whenever all is well, we're paid in kind
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