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Ash Apr 2
It’s an instinctive unease
A lone typewriter sits in neglect
The dust settles into the keys

Everything in the room seemed to freeze
Lost to time in a state of disconnect
It’s an instinctive unease

The lever not set to release
Leaving the platen a dented wreck
The dust settles into the keys

The air hangs stagnant, not so much as a breeze
Leaving the room stale and depressed
It’s an instinctive unease

Some long forgotten face left these
Unused ribbons of ink and stacks of papers forever unchecked
The dust settles into the keys

A scrapped song begging for a reprise
Or a manuscript destined for reject
It’s an instinctive unease
The dust settles into the keys
A poem I wrote for class but my teacher liked it so I thought I'd share it.
Ash Feb 15
Of my 16 years on this planet
Now matter how much time I spend planning it
I have and will always be alone
Messages blow up my phone
"Happy Valentine's Day!"
Sent 10 am today
"The holiday is overrated. Being single isn't worth any tears."
Says the friend who's been alone less than three weeks in three years
While they all stay up late with their partners sharing gifts and kisses
I'll stay up terraforming and playing with Teddy, Zell and Stitches
I hate being alone beneath these covers
Just waiting for when, on the fifteenth, I can call you my lover
Ash Feb 14
This single "single" burden hangs over my head
Filling me with dread
Girls get desperate
While boys yell, "forget it!"
The most painful day
Only hours away
Everyone around me fines their someone
While I'm here waiting for anyone
But no-- it'll never be
"For forever I'll only have me"
I say it for the umpteenth time
God I hate February thirteenth...
Okay I know the second to last lines don't really rhyme... I tried...
  Feb 14 Ash
you already know my words before i speak.
you already know my heart feels weak without you.
you already know me.
just by looking me in the eye.
and it’s beautiful
  Dec 2020 Ash
if the world was caving in and the stars were falling around us,
would you use your dying breath to say you love me.
the way i would mine.
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