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Francie Lynch Jan 2019
I took the pen with me,
After signing the parlor guest book,
At the Home.

You might think of forgiving me,
Thinking as good people do,
I took it as a memorial sticking point;
But I didn't know the deceased.

I was acting as a devout escort,
To be seen as doing the right thing.
Perception, you've been told,
Is everything.

So, I made sure no one saw me
Take the pen.

For extra insurance,
To project my semblance,
Following the eulogies,
I attended the luncheon,
And ate salmon sandwiches,
And carrot sticks.
On leaving, I grasped the hands:
Sorry for your troubles;
Came home and used that pen,
To create this.
The End.
Here come the formidable rains,
An air of sombreness it decrees.
With it, bringing--
The tears of the forgotten dead,
Cleansing the earth of our influence.
Forrest Treelore Jul 2016
Silent and timid
Her lips curve up into a shy smile
Concealing sharp remarks and loud declarations

Eyes gleaming with innocence
Hide the shrewdness and depth within them
Which capture the world around her

Not long passes before you're amused to see
She speaks of music and art and poetry
If at first you saw no reason to show her recognition
You consider her now with interest

Soon enough you discover
An intense love of novels burns within her
Her vocabulary is vast and she has written sonnets of her own

Now you are astonished
Regarding her with curious eyes
You want to learn more
And wish to enter the crevices of her mind

More surprises surface
What she speaks suits not your first impression of her
Her opinions and views and philosophies are broad
Covering many topics and questions
She is a pillar of tradition
Yet she ventures into foreign pastures
And your amazement increases tenfold

You slowly break through her former barriers
Walls high and guarded as those of a castle
Gradually uncovering her feelings and her dreams
Awed and bewitched you are left
And you cannot grasp what you've beheld

How deceiving the long skirt which drapes her
How misleading the modest blouse she wears
And the simple way she wears her hair
Delude all who see her

Appearance has fooled us all so greatly this time
By branding a girl something
Which her clothes falsely imply.
Keren May 2016
Fear lingered me
Through hallucinations I can't fathom
Debt you want me to repay
Im not liable of.

You devoured my being
Purloined my thinking
Undermined my efforts so you can surely shine
I risked everything so that I wont tarnish.

In faded lights, I saw silhouette
In darkness, I glimpsed an apparition
In mirror, i conceived deception
**I recognized you----you are me
Layla Thurman Oct 2014
Could you take my hand
Just for a moment
So I can have some semblance
of security

— The End —