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Jan 2017
for some
their sexuality
is intimately tied
to curves and licks of pain
and their own
abject destruction
trussed, ornate
for a brutality
that accentuates
****** lucidity
in the dark caverns
of a perforceive mind
and o so willing body
like bruised piano keys
in a triumphant concerto
of ecstasy
to be played hard
like Rachmaninoff's
beaten ivories
finding immense pleasure
in constant crises
between the entwined
demand of desire
and the need
for a
a depraved ritual
of exquisite subservience
by an idyllic master

sweeten the world
my darling
honey machine
industrious slave
bend my beloved
like the weighted ridge pole
are you ready to break
oh princess
of cruel inflictions
that intoxicate
with onerous dark thrills
the sway of your writhe
where pleasure is piqued
by perfect suffering

blood glitter paradise

she beckons
from hells shadowed doorway
enter my love

Written by
zebra  M
     Cné, ---, --- and zebra
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