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Nov 2017
she didn't know it
but she had been bitten
not really by any body
more like a vision
of a vacant stare
and girating open mouth lips
like a strange idea
for a face
that caused a gnawing hunger
evoking a devils form
maybe a virus
that consumed her
while groaning as if almost human

she would wake up in the dead of night
imagining vividly
a veiled man
wet with sweat
a blood spilled mouth
raw and naked
sloping between her legs
biting her inner thighs
his teeth like syringes
with a lapping black sapphire tongue
it hurt so
but she let him
strangely she loved every second
and stroked his thick black hair
as he consumed her
and called her mommy
in a thick accent
that reminded her of summer heat
and wild groves

it happened every night
after she woke
she looked forward to it
she would wait
her **** an oozing wound
and recite

*come sweet demon
come and eat
drink your fill
my blood is sweet

my flesh is willing
my soul is yours
do what thou wilt
on all fours

come to me
this very night
crack my bones
do it right

will i die
a long slow death
keep drinking love
take my breath

my ******* hard
bite me deep
my legs spread wide
you are my creep

i need you so
your blood **** berry
don't stop now
my **** is cherry

finish this thing
you started cruel
i need you so
watch me drool

now i slip
take it all
kisses tender
watch me fall

a dark abyss
veins run dry
hold me close
let me die


she wept
she loved the pain
almost finished
dissolved like rain
Written by
zebra  M
     ---, Mack, ---, Lora Lee, Cné and 4 others
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