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honey Jun 2018
I love and hate,
My obsession with giving myself,
I want people to have me,
But feel bad that they have to deal with me after.
honey Jun 2018
I bet your tears,
Those little tears I say I don’t want you to shed,
I bet they taste like honey and sunshine and validation,
When they’re for me and nobody else.
honey Jun 2018
Give everything you have,
Give it to them,
That’s what they deserve,
Not just their own happiness,
But yours as well.
honey Jun 2018
Stereo tunes and held hands,
A blossomed buttercup tucked behind your ear.
It’s a girl this time
honey Jun 2018
The way your eyes crinkle,
When you smile,
Hiding those hazel greens.

The way you look at me,
Even when you think I’m not,
Looking right back at you.

The way you smile,
When I call you an idiot,
You know it means I love you.

The way you come back,
Make me your only constant,
As you are mine as well.

The way you make me cry,
With such intensity,
That I think I will never breathe again.

The way you hesitated,
I could feel the tautness,
When we hugged,
You wanted to lift me up.

The way your arms,
Always have and always will,
Feel like home,
Like a bottle of water after a run.

The way you make me fall in love with you in every single way,
A thousand little universes,
All based on the things about you that I adore.
honey Jun 2018
A boy I was never with, he was a replacement for you.
I thought I needed the pain and attention he provided would fill the void you left behind.
I promise I’ve never loved anyone like this but you.
I was lying to myself.
I’m sorry.
honey Jun 2018
A simple thing,
Wrapped up in your arms,
At peace with the chaos in my chest,
That chaos you planted,
That chaos you plant every time you look at me.
I love you.
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