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Garrett Johnson Oct 2019
Planning a ******, Starting a religion.

Slip into the pulp.
Blue denim shirt.
Never bothered me.
Charcoal insecurities.
She was cold.
Deep purple to ease into.
Or dancing to a Smiths record.

Garrett Johnson.
Of course.
Mr Trismegistus Mar 2018
De-evolution to a primitive, animal-like state
While the sheep that they eat call it winning and great.

O, onward you go, sleepy sheep, with pride, to the slaughter
Pulling along with you your sons and your daughters.

Will you cry out, on that day, as loud as the Dominion will roar?
Will your weak voice be heard, or will it reach a closed door?

Cast off those shackles that tackle your mind and your heart,
But hurry, beloved readers, before they tear you apart.
Apollo Hayden Dec 2015
Tell me how long it's been?
Tell me how many times you've spent staying up late nights
Just trying to get right, and get your mind off of him?
Can you tell me if it's bringing you peace to hold onto nothing like you do?
There's so much you've been blessed with but you can't see it cuz you're confused.
You need to wake up and make up your mind because it's always been up to you.
See that even when others win, you don't necessarily lose, so go choose-
to be happy or continue to remain in your gloom.
You choose...
C Dec 2014
Head of a bold pen
writing on a whim
with no deadline
Paper and lines
in front of your eyes
all of the time

**Creating this life

— The End —