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Garrett Johnson Aug 2019
Don’t suspect a thing bud.

Grandma has the soup.
Grandma has the cigarettes.
Grandma has the guns in the shed.
Why the hell would you think that.

Garrett Johnson.
Oh god, not again.
Garrett Johnson Aug 2019
Dream of all time.

Immaculate in the early hours.
The roads.
Lit with death.
Heavenly soft.
On cheek.
Low eyes in the slow air.
Oh how lovely the sky.
With all the love to show for it.

Garrett Johnson
Frank Sinatra took my sweater.
Garrett Johnson Aug 2019
Inquietude Drachma.

Saturday morning- Repaired by a smile, Found a leg in my cereal, took a walk.
Saturday night- Used a headphone splitter, Starred into the eyes of a spiral, and Died.
Sunday morning- Woke in an infinite haze, visited Saturn on a surf board, and drank some cold lava with the girl across the street.
Sunday night- probably die again, Listen to Pink Floyd, and write this down.

Garrett Johnson.
It really ties the room together.
Garrett Johnson Aug 2019
Blueberry tears.

We saw through the eyes.
The electric highway.
The lips overtone.
The winds.
Neon Bohemia.
Cathartic Breath of air on neck.
The melting of the surface.
Suffice in the face of thee ocean.

Garrett Johnson.
Jaden, Syd and a cup of pine tea.
Garrett Johnson Aug 2019
Endeavors of the night.

3 in mourn.
Queen Jane Approximately.
65 Dylan getting the better of me.
The steam’s a little wired.
Letting all of it in.
Room at the Morrison.
And a drink of apple sauce medicine.
Good enough.
Never better.

Garrett Johnson.
Cleansing the doors.
Garrett Johnson Aug 2019
Drums of force weeping.

Wooden stresses.
Along the mongers and the cages.
The sea green forgery.
Bagged to the top.
Lynched at the top.
Chained through the lot of others.
Thou the wicked of brothers, sisters and mother's.
Oh the horror.
Of Syd.
Throw it in midair.

Garrett Johnson.
Ol' Johnny boy stopped and said hello.
Garrett Johnson Jul 2019
All the way there.

60 down the main road.
Throw it all away.
Tossed in the wind like a bag.
And hovers away like the smoke from a cigarette.
The whole lot of  1,304 miles of bliss.
And find that someone that's groovy enough to groove with you.
All the way there.
Neil Young took my Altoids.
Garrett Johnson Jul 2019
Never tneconnI.

Desert lake.
Invisible fallout.
Falling out on a infinite ride of high.
Goodbye new world.
Vast hauntings on the inner globe.
Seriousness nowhere to be found.
But pleasant.

Garrett Johnson.
We're all riders on the storm.
Garrett Johnson Jul 2019
The roof of Alcatraz.

Embodying the psychedelic lust of youth.
We stealthed our way into the ancient cinder block.
Old and moldy.
We made our way to the top.
A cold breeze off the bay sea.
Pushing along her hair.
We sat in that cold night air.
Just watching.

Garrett Johnson.
Garrett Johnson Jul 2019
Sad boy Eric.

Cloaked in sap.
Maple scent of her lips.
Fall asleep.
A cretaceous machine.
Spiral down into the unforgettable.
A nostalgic depression.
Felt before.
And again.
And again.
Forever float in the entertaining undesirable.
While holding hands.

Garrett Johnson.
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