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Neen Jan 2017
You: A nebula.
Vast and far-reaching.
Ionized gasses, pink and blue
An ode to passion, and depth.
You. Are. Unfathomable.
Nestled in your tendrils,
A cosmic safe harbor,
I am born a star.
Consuming your words like hydrogen,
I shine bright,
Radiating warmth into the cosmos.
Neen Dec 2016
Tearing my hair out
Ripping apart my ego
Why can't I just let go?
This madness always
Bubbling, Boiling
Beneath the surface
I can't pour it out
This creative energy
Trapped underneath
My skin
Can this last forever?
I need to explode
The release, painful
Chaotic in the most
Beautiful sense of the word
Tragedy is cathartic
This nervous neuroticisim is not
If I bargain flawlessly
Can I become a new person?
Neen Dec 2016
A poem I wrote for you
Lays torn into shredded little pieces
A pile of fragmented sentiments
Left over from a time when I gave a ****
When I believed in you
When a whisper from you
Breathed hope into this
Empty tank heart of mine
Now all I see is the abstract
Of broken promises
And the left over optimism
Of a fool hearted girl
Who wanted to bathe in
Every one of your empty dreams
You speak of deserts
Well you create them
You are my deadlands
A place where everything goes to die

You who I love with every breath
Why do you take everything from me?

My love, my hope, my dreams, and desire

You **** everything good in me.
Neen Dec 2016
Lord, I need some devine redemption
Because I move like a heathen through the night
Depart some solemn words of wisdom
Deliver your blessed sacred rite

My god your wrath is so sweet
I am consumed by it's salvation
Let me offer myself to you
And save myself from your damnation

My wickedness will have me burned
I make a covenant to you from this day forth
Enter me and make me clean
Fill me with your righteous seed

Command me down on my knees
I'm praying with my mouth to please
I offer myself as your possession
To use whenever at your discretion
Neen May 2015
I know I promised
I'd never write about you again
but it's five am and I am left
with this visceral feeling of
loss and anger

I use to think you stripped
Me of everything
Now I realize you didn't.
See, I forgot about the cross
The burden of love
You sentenced me to

Your name is Judas
and I will accept
the crown of thorns
and become a martyr
for ever believing that
true love existed
in your eyes
Neen May 2015
Dance with me
We will move through this fantasy
Our eyes heavy with sleep
The highs and lows are haunting me
My heart was always yours to keep
But we move so ungracefully
Every step a tragedy
My heart cries

You are my Moonlight Sonata
Neen May 2015
Small moments alone
Enjoyed deeply by the soul
So contented
To be navigating through life by
Dancing on tip-toes in circles
To music no man can hear
Down this back alley
That is life
My favorite poem I have ever written.
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