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Take 3 steps back
and make way bishes
coz she the boss of em' all
and i her bro.
Take 3 steps back
coz she's bolder than u think
and i?
oh sweetie, you don't mess with the messy ones.
Take 3 steps back
and stay in your own world
coz ours ain't pretty as we look.
Take a time
And look into the mirror;
Find the deeper you.

"Why are you lying to yourself?"
Simran Guwalani Nov 2018
You want the world to see
what a beautiful person you can be.
Maybe you never got a chance
to show them the way you dance.
Or show them the way you paint
or give them a little taste, of your inner saint.
Maybe the opportunity came by,
and you were too shy.
You try so hard for others to see,
you forget the dear ones, who appreciate you heartily.
So, stop trying to make them see
and don't keep your dear ones apart,
They are the ones who'll set you free,
because they have your best interest at heart.
Urshita Sharma Feb 2017
She is living a lie,
just doesn't know it yet.
Her story is mine to tell.
She is living a lie.

She believes them when they tell her who she is,
except she isn't.
They want the real her to be hidden.
To never be found, to never be heard.

"Why?", you ask.
Because they are scared.
Scared of the world finding out about the real her.
Scared of the consequences they will have to face.

What they don't know is....
that she will find out.
And when she does,
they will not know what hit them cause she will be heard.

But right now,
she is still hidden.
Under hundreds of different locks.
But she... she will break through.

"Why?", again you ask.
Because she just realized,
that she was living a lie.
This poem tells you to believe in yourself. It's the 'real you' which can change the world.
Shannon Callow Dec 2015
Touch me; all without using your hands, I propose.
Strip naked without removing any of your clothes.
Show me who you really are under all the deceit and lies,
and you'll see that from the ashes your true soul shall arise.

— The End —