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np Feb 8
ashley is dimples and bangs
she is freckles scattered from cheek to cheek,
the sun never failing to show her love.
ashley is shy smiles paired with fiddling hands one moment,
a wheezy laugh with an arm clutching her aching stomach the next.
ashley is a fixer.
she’s like an addict looking for their
next head rush,
instead of tracking down drugs,
she tracks down projects.
people who are hurting,
drains that aren’t draining,
hearts that are breaking.
doing anything
in her power to mend what she can.
she will put the hurting minds at ease with words of affirmation,
she will fearlessly rid the drain of the ball of hair the size of a small animal,
and she will piece together the breaking hearts
with the tape that is holding her own broken heart intact.
ashley is strong.
unaware of her own strength,
and often forgetting that she’s been to the darkest places and back.
she is patient.
knowing that sometimes you have to endure the bad
to later revel in the good.
she is compassionate.
giving out more love than she receives and willingly doing it again the next day.
ashley is
She will sit with you in the dark when you are unable to find the bright side of things
She will validate the feelings that you thought no one would care or dare to comprehend.
She will walk into your life and leave a footprint on your heart,
making it absolutely impossible to remember what life was like without her.
She will change your life without even trying, without even realizing.
and yes, change can be scary,
but things are never as scary as they seem
when you’ve got a best friend
like ashley.
Take 3 steps back
and make way bishes
coz she the boss of em' all
and i her bro.
Take 3 steps back
coz she's bolder than u think
and i?
oh sweetie, you don't mess with the messy ones.
Take 3 steps back
and stay in your own world
coz ours ain't pretty as we look.
one hundred percent
is an ideal quota
there's perfection
in the quota


no other quota
will suffice
it's got to be
one hundred percent
that quota
is so nice

why give
forty percent
why give
sixty percent
always make it
one hundred percent

it's a simple maths equation
one and one
equals a well entwined two
and it only happens
when one hundred percent

— The End —