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Take 3 steps back
and make way bishes
coz she the boss of em' all
and i her bro.
Take 3 steps back
coz she's bolder than u think
and i?
oh sweetie, you don't mess with the messy ones.
Take 3 steps back
and stay in your own world
coz ours ain't pretty as we look.
David W Clare Jan 2015
"My Curiosity"

(Whats her name? Now why won't she stop and talk to me?)

Trying all day to find the right merge, planning every way just how to quench this here urge
Now walking my way, I may come on to her, dare I not scare her, should I loose this cool...

All I want is just to take-a-peek, as she grabs my... attention: is she too shy to speak?

Until this fine girl I met; she hadn't found me yet - Well, there ain’t no crime in tryin', so don’t get so upset

It’s just my curiosity!  It’s got the better, the better of me
(ay ay ay ay) I can’t help if I like what I see

The chance comes once, only once in-a-while
We might just flip it upside-down tonight, so's I can teach her how to smile!

(Drums: Boom Ba Boom Ba Boom Ba Boom Boom Bap!)

Now hidin' my face isn't what I do best - I just want to know ifin' I can pass her test
You see it makes no difference if I embarrass myself
Hell, that's the only way I know to find me somebody else

I’m a thrill hunter, not some geek, Better hurry up, like there’s no time to be meek

Some say it’s the thing that really killed the cat - Well, I got nine lives: an' I ain’t turning back

It's just...My curiosity!  That's got the better, the better of me
(ay ay ay ay) I can’t help if I like what I see

Them pretty things come once, only once in-a-while
I'm gonna smash her bedroom wall, make her flower stand tall!

Say pretty lady, now maybe be sad, but I ain't no stalker or Moon howlin' mad
Say like when you give me the time of day, you might just spend a minute, not just walk away...

And satisfy, satisfy... My Curiosity!
Why, ay, ay satisfy, satisfy this: hungry guy you see!
Well satisfy, satisfy all of my curiosities
(Why ay ay) satisfy, satisfy this lonely night come see
Just make Love to Me!

David Wayne Clare  (c) In Perpetuity - ALL RIGHTS RESERVED
Clairvoyant Music / BMI

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Rockin country genre
David W Clare Dec 2014
(truck-drivers, bar-boozers, loser-bar yokles, blue-collar rednecks will all love this smash hit song!!!)

Rockin country genre

"Big Mouth Surgery"    
  (by david John Clare)

(rockin' country drunk hick juke-box mix)

Wow!  She sure does talk a lot... could almost cause a riot

But we don't get... just what she's trying to say

We could hear her fine before... when she used to be quiet

Guess all them new school-words get in the way

We took her to see... a gypsy-psychic-magician

But he wanted more... than we could pay

So we took her down to see... our local town physician

And here's what old doc... had to say


"She needs Big Mouth Surgery"

Her tongue is on the blink

She just talks, sqwacks and talks some more

'Cause she don't know how to think

So please don't be stallin'

Her brain is now corrupt

Can't you see that she has fallen'

And she just can't ''shut-up!"

Big Mouth Surgery

Cause no pills seem to work

Hurry please now doctor

Before she drives us all berserk

Big Mouth Surgery

But will it work without a doubt?

Better make it a lobotomy

Before she starts to shout!


Our reputations are expensive

While her talk is **** cheap

You just can't tell her nothin'

'Cause a secret she can't keep

No one seems to know

What the fuss is all about

We're just waitin' for her brain

To catch up with her mouth

She needs Big Mouth Surgery

Her mind is on the blink

She always talks, talks and talks all day

Why can't she just please stop & think?

So please don't be stallin'

Her head is all corrupt

Can't you see that she has fallen'

Her fat-mouth can't shut-up!

Big Mouth Surgery

We need to find her a shrink

Hurry please there doctor

Before she drives us all to drink

Big Mouth Surgery

She's heard north, east, west & south

Who gave her brain a laxative?

Got diarrhea of the mouth!

Big Mouth Surgery

No pill can take effect

Hurry please now doctor

She is a mental wreck

Our minds: she made us loose

Her words: just seem to ooze

It's so hard: to take a snooze

We just drown all-day in *****

Beer, Whisky, Wine & ***** . . .

To wash away our ear-ache blues!

Yip Yip Zip Lip!  ...Yee Haw!

(c) 2009    David Wayne Clare


all rights reserved

in perpetuity
Rockin country by...
David John Clare
written in Jakarta Indonesia
clairvoyant music bmi

— The End —