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May 2019
Through paper thin walls
I can hear my neighbour

She starts with the same lie
every time
      my husband Finnegan
      will be home soon
      let’s make this quick.

I can tell what kinks
the john has paid for
by the uniqueness
of the name she gives
her fake husband.

I once asked,
why the make-believe spouse?
Marigold responded
with delicate articulation
        a girl in this line of work
        needs to pretend
        to have some normalcy
        in her life
        a reason to be kept alive.

Having nothing left to conceal
she lives her life
like no one is watching.
She leaves me astonished,
wishing to live one minute
as open as she lives every moment.
for Marigold
imposter artist
Written by
imposter artist  M/Vancouver, BC
(M/Vancouver, BC)   
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