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Kimberly Lore Apr 2017
I watched a bird dart through the undergrowth
Only to stop and feed its baby
Which was lying on the ground
A mere three feet away from me
Blending in with the gray pine cones
And it reminded me of all the things
We do not notice when we forget
To just be still
Isabelle Apr 2017
When she answered I am fine
Her voice cracked
But no one noticed
When she said I am okay
She faked a smile
But no one noticed
When she told you I can do this
You didn't noticed
The tears she tried to hide

Is she that good at pretending
Or does anyone really cares?
Day 16 entry.
This is for you, my friend, I see you. Please don't be afraid to show it all, help yourself..
Lydia Apr 2017
The bed wasn't made when I got back
All of the sheets were tangled
There were drool and sweat stains on the pillowcases
She was always a part of everything
All the laundry
Always her favourite detergent
She took it with her and I don't remember
I do remember exactly how she fit on the bed with the dog and I
And how she straightened things out after I left for work every day
I remember exactly how she looked laying on the floor in the place where the sun snuck through the window
But I didn't remember to make the bed this morning
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kayla morrison Apr 2017
The pan pops and sizzles
As I open the creaky wooden door.

The kitchen sink sings,
He washes a pepper covered cutting board.

The sounds never change,
The routine is always the same.

I count on,
"How was your day?"
And "what do you want to drink."

Dependability, stability.
One thing know at the end of the day.

The plates clink as they touch the table.
"Lets eat."
rose Apr 2017
the ray of sunlight
peaks through the over sized clouds,
and that’s when i want to wave hello to the shining light
that is calling my name.
i shield my oval eyes, watch the darkness
that surrounds the sunlight
[ the small dust particles all around
light up too, as luminous as the sun itself ]
i want to run towards this crepuscular ray
- this bright, shining light - that pleads for me.
i’ll skip on clouds, dance till i reach my destination
i’ll run up to the sky, bask in the single ray
of light
that is slowly fading.
i’ll lie underneath its radiance,
until it finally  d i s a p p e a r s .

— The End —