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Nara S Mar 2016
At first
We started as Strangers
Then Acquaintances
Friends? Best Friends?
Finally ended up as Lovers
That is the stage we went.

Apparently that was not the end
Somehow we fought
And how we started,
I am sure we both lost it
I have to look back
Or look up to remember it.

But the eeriest thing was
When we parted
We didn't get pass through
Best Friend, Friend, Acquaintance,
We went straight as
Strangers, again.
What hurt the most
When Love shatters.
None can do anything
Because the pieces are too small,
They can slip through
Needle's eye
It was always our eyes
That find themselves hurt the most
Nara S Mar 2016
I look up
          I see the moon staring
I look down
          And I see the earth singing
I close my eyes
          Then I realize the galaxy flirting
                                                  with you
                                                  your eyes
                                                  your vessel
                                                  your soul
   ­                                               rotating
As if You are the center of the galaxy.

And to You, the sun is envious,
And to me, You are insidious.
Nara S Mar 2016
"Don't pick me!
     My beauty will wither
     My color will fade
     My scent will pass away
     To the directions you cannot follow.

But if it is You
     Pick me."
Nara S Feb 2016
Ask me how did I fell?
No I did not fall
I flew
Fly the second you snap
How is possible?
Only Time
After Time knows
Your picture
Has not but one
Not thousands
Only a meaning
And an answer
To my every
Made me not wanting
To close my eyes
As I write
With 5 fingers
Obligated with
4 letters each
Ink on every tip
Slowly spelling
Your Name
Nara S Feb 2016
I have never met a woman quite like You

That made the story of how;

"Eve was created from Adam's rib"

Make sense to its every minutiae

That I actually do am seeing, and feeling me

When You Are with Me

Though You are more, and more.

And the word Perilous is carved on You

And the word Addictive is imprinted on You.

******* is your lips I would consume everyday

Chronic is your scent I need to breathe everyday

And your love is the crystalline acid,

The only substance I crave for.

To run in my blood,
Pump in
And to my heart.
You are my sweet sweet sinless psychotropic
You are indeed, A Graceful Narcotic.
Nara S Feb 2016
Let me show You around

The place where You touched me

Where there were only monochrome rainbows

Now a garden of sweet butterflies and warm honey

And oh that rainbow, You painted them

With unspeakable colors from your eyes

And the tenderness of your delicate fingers.

How You did it effortlessly and not even noticing

Love, oh how I love it the way You linger

And I am bound to You

Like the earth, You are my sun

And I might collapse, I will

If ever You let me go.
Nara S Feb 2016
Her face got pinned down or locked up

Either way, she is on the tip of my eyes or the insides

Since the first time sky stopped raining on me.

To where I'll lost days and nights and forth.

Her soothing voice was all that echoed

Through this dead, rotten dark cave of mine.

Trembling at her wake

Tearing a hole

Flowing her light in

Pouring love

Out of her mouth.

She is a thunder, river and sun

Nature is in her eyes now mine.
Nara S Feb 2016
I can't sleep wondering how

You might still be crying right now.

I did not know that such mere words

Could hurt you to the most.

It's raining right now

And I miss you oh so

Like a bee, longing for honey

Or like a baby, craving for milk.

I'll kiss you tired dried eyes

I'll kiss your soaking wet palms.

And I'll kiss your forehead too

Not because I have to

But because I want to.
Nara S Feb 2016
Feels warm, tonight.

Although the wind hasn't been friendly

And the bird has flown away

And the moon is part tired

But you, let me stay, why?

Though the leaves had been swept.

Is it one of your twisted secrets?

If it is, then keep it as what it is

Seal them away from me,

My eyes my ears and my nose

But let me linger a little while longer

In a sea of mystifying silence

Nara S Feb 2016
Oh then I lost myself to the void

After that one nightmare I had.

Last night, I sought her out

Only to see merely nothing.

But oh then I got up to the warm Sun,

Second time I was awoken after falling.

Oh how could I stand to the terror

Of not finding you, my home.

My roof my floor and my blanket

These shall not perish to the earth

Nor to the time, or space

As long as heaven exists

And the promise of its existence stands.

— The End —