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May 2015
He* sees her today, anxious but with excitement
With a heart so ready, he waits for the right moment
He comes to her with a happy greeting
For it has been long since their last meeting
She seems him, and greets with a "Hi"
He was so happy, he literally could fly
He was so happy, but could not express
For his love was never confessed
A friend, she calls him. A close one at that
A best friend, a brother he was to her
He has been there for her, every moment before that
But with no knowledge of the love he offers
For years, he was trying for the right moment
But could not, because *another guy
loves her
In fairness, the other guy was better, intelligent and street smart
Though, it bothers him why she doesn't like the guy as much
Why does she treat the guy as such?
As he loves her so
He can't, because the other guy loves her
He knew the other guy loves her
So, he let him go first, and he confessed
So now they're together, leaving him in the ice
Just because he was too nice.
Sometimes, it's not nice being nice
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