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Dolly munjal Nov 2017
She is trying so hard
To move on from her past
But memories
Always pull her back apart...

She is a warrior
She is strong
She is an angel
She is a melodious song...

She knows how to fly
Without an assistance
She is dautless bird
Who pursues excellence

But stars don't shine always
Sometimes they get dim
Sometimes they break
Even the warriors get weak

That's how life goes on
There just cant be always
Win win situation

Warriors have to fight
So she is fighting
Sometimes with the destiny
Sometimes with herself
With the hope of surviving...
Dolly munjal Nov 2017
Love is like cancer..
It comes without giving any notice..
And kills u slowly slowly
Dolly munjal Nov 2017
She loved him
So she let him to play with her feelings...
After fulfilling his needs
He left her by calling  ****...
Dolly munjal Nov 2017
All I prayed to have someone like u
God will hear this I never knew

When I first met you
I felt like I had known you forever
Keeping you close to heart
And losing you never

You keep running from me
But deep inside you already know its true
That I'm crazy for loving you

I tried to tell you how I felt
But things went wrong always
So I had to quiet

I wanna cheer you up
When you will be down
I wanna get close to you
By always being around

I may not be the perfect
But I promise you will never regret
I will be there forever for you
Just wanna tell you that I LOVE YOU
Dolly munjal Oct 2017
He could only give her
       tears and aggression...
Still she couldn't stop loving him
     Because power of Love
           goes beyond our imagination.!
Dolly munjal Oct 2017
Though you have explained me thousand times..
But my heart never wants to accept that anytime..

As I still see hope in dark clouds,so again and again I ask you...
Hoping,one day you might realise that I have  actually loved you...

You are  the one with whom I fought alot..
I think That has bound me with u with special knot...

I have known you for a short period of time..
But u have become a memory of lifetime..

Something strange keeps me attracted to u....
Something,which can't b explained,even I have no clue....

Again You made me believe in goodness...
In my gloomy life,you brought back happiness..

I choose to love you in silence and adore you from distance...
Coz there I find no rejection and that fills my emptiness..

May you find happiness and success wherever you go...
Your light will always shine in whatever you do...
Dolly munjal Apr 2017
One sided has broken her many times...
But it is d only thing which keeps her alive...

She is never able to say what she feels...
He is so hard to love so she gets afraid to reveal....

Reading old chats and recalling their good phone conversations...
Dreaming about living with him is her favourite

One day the God would wave his magic wand..
They would walk together with hand in hand...
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