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IamMsIves Aug 2014
I found you at the right time

when life is out of tune and needs rhyme

I found you at the right place

after drifting back and forth to find solace

I found you when I'm on the brink of loneliness

and took me in your arms

as you pressed me into your heart

realizing that you made me

a better person, loving and kind

Unleashing the hidden emotion

and affection that is inside

letting me loose myself

and be the real me

Now I have you and you have me

not for now but for eternity

answering to the call of our love

that needs assurance,

that I am yours

not to give but to keep.
This is a non-rhyme piece from me. Seldom happens because I'm a sucker for rhyme but this is what my-muse dictates me to write.
  Aug 2014 IamMsIves
Step into my universe
You'll see only words
In my mind, flurry of feathers
Hurricane of riled up birds.

They amass and circulate
Searching to break free
Storm of ink; doesn't abate
Bleed out for no one to see.

Hidden inside my heart
Forbidden words I long to convey
Teach me how to start
With you I foist to play.

Words veiled by silent secrecy,
Cloaked words I long to shout
Bordering the point of heresy
Tabooed words without doubt.

Almost an eternity I've whispered
With care and only hushed tones
Well kept secret undiscovered
Laying quiet under unturned stones.

Thought myself alone when I heard another
One that sings choral to my own
A mournful call that sang together
Grey melodies embodied in skin and bone.

The cravings of my heart
Your words I wish to fill
In my head occupies the biggest part
Our declaration's the only seal.

A vow you and I made
A love we wish to last forever
Dismissing that opportunities evade
Who would need a supporting paper.

Hidden softness within me
Only you can tap and enjoy
The only one that holds the key
Heart and mind meet to employ.

Our hearts, like kings, would've risen
Adorned and bejewelled on their crests
Let us sing in unrehearsed unison
Crowned words we've locked in our chests.

Written by Suckers for Rhymes - IamMsIves & Rhymesmith
IamMsIves Aug 2014
You feed my hunger
And called me **** thing
You filled my heart with gladness
And stop me from wandering.

My cold days are warmer
In your arms I feel alive
The ache, lack and longing
You help me survive.

The gap and dearth I feel inside
Are filled with your song
Of words so sweet and tender
My happiness you prolong.

You make me feel beautiful
I’m glowing inside and out
You told me I’m special
I believe you no doubt.

You are making me “ME” again
Vibrant and full of life
Casting all traces of bleakness
‘Cause now I am revived.
IamMsIves Aug 2014
Feel my tears as it pour you today

It's the simple and only way

To let you know

That I love you

Oh God,

Don't stop the rain

The rain and my tears

Are one and the same.

I was talking to a friend on viber and tears just keep on flowing.
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