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solfang Mar 2018
your voice lingers,
my hands tremble,
the distance—
so close yet so far.

it was a never-ending passion,
every word you muttered
was another reason for me,
to live on a little longer;
we were chanters—
you're the executioner.

bright lights shone,
your talent shimmers,
your humour;
was the heartwarmer
the stage was brighter
you make heads lighter.

encore, encore, encore,
your presences drugged
the audiences;
and made them want more.

I was lost in thoughts,
as I stood by the railings,
and barriers were formed;
what was the reason again,
that I heard love called?
Attended a James Blunt concert today. I don't really care about what others have to say about him, but it's by far the best concert I had attended.

Regrets: Really should have gotten the front row seat instead of the end row. Probably one of the worst choices I had made in my life.
Viseract May 2016
A funny little word
Made up when I was hurt
By the skies
I thought "what the **** is murderize?"

I say it to my friends
A humorous little joke
"I'll murderize your family
And on my **** they will choke."

They laugh and sputter
I guess I'm that amusing
Even when I joke about
Killing and abusing

They know I don't mean it
That I'm just *******
So if I say it to you
Know it don't mean ****
I laughed so hard writing this
typicalteentale Nov 2014
the     way        he
tilted    his    head
was mesmerizing
the      fact      that
he  actually cared
was      surprising
the    manner    of
his        eloquence
was     tantalizing

— The End —