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Lae Mar 3
The waves grew rough

as the strings started to break

my hands held too long that it started to bleed

"Hold on.." i said as i felt his hands glide.

"I can't.." he said as he removed my bleeding hands from his.

"This boat is too small for two people, you have to let go." i felt the sinking of the boat as my tears started to fall i realized,

maybe he was right..

I was too selfish for my own good that i forgot what mattered most..


The  one i want to share my dreams with.


The one i want to be with in the future..

Crestfallen and gradually i asked him. "Do you still.. love me?" Every word killed my very being, afraid of the words he'd say.

He kept mum.

I felt this queer feeling- the feeling of being worthless.

My heart aching from so much pain.

My hands throbbing from holding too long.

Little did i  know it was me.

It was me who needed the saving.

"You chose your dream and now you lose me." He looks over to his shoulder as he heard a yacht coming.

And still, he chose to leave me at my worst.
Lae Mar 3
I found myself in wonderland,

a false fairytale to be exact,

i think i have lost my mind,

but i hope i get back.

I fell in a rabbit hole endlessly,

my head is spinning vigorously,

i think i am going crazy,

so i ran and ran carelessly.

Today i met the hatter,

laughing over some matter,

out of the blue he gave me a reminder,

that this dream was a killer.

Confused from the warning,

i woke up from dreaming,

i held my hands when it started trembling,

for the things i don't remember doing.
Lae Mar 3
It was like becoming an ill,

everything just wasn't well,

the longer i tried to feel,

every second feels like hell.

And i tried to understand,

all the words you said at hand,

maybe it wasn't just what i expected,

but believe me when i say,

every lie stated my end.

I almost forgot how reality felt like,

whenever you make everything feel right,

and as time continue to run vast,

i remembered that not all things were meant to last.

— The End —