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Ophelia Mar 18
Angry as ghost
locked behind light fixture
Only brain stem reminds her to breath
Gutter mouth.
A decade of nicotine shows
With each open mouth exhale
Her lights flicker
Clawing desperately
At trails of used up lovers
She is pounding on plexiglass
hear her howl when the wind kicks up
Cracking body hard
against willows and firs
kicking tirelessly at Midwest dirt.
Reason wanes
Tangled in blunder
She is not lost lovers
Reminding her to breath.
Ophelia Nov 2018
You were untamable
Stormy by nature
Rain that falls through the spaces between each finger
Pressed together so tight
I still could not contain you.
Ophelia May 2018
He is Drowned

Contours of chest holding hollow air
Silent as empty promise

Buried along side broken glass.

The muck between his ears, distant.
Easily forgotten

Now my neurons fire like tangled thread
Bottles drained
Each sip twisting meanings

I must be worthless

These hands were bread to serve
To save
There is worth in salvation
If it is all that I have left
I will deliver it to him
Ophelia May 2018
He flirts with lady bugs

Head full of dirt

Green snot leaks towards lip

He finds her voice in all the right places
those hands that hold rib cage


She says

Shadows dance
On quivering honey locus leaves
Day Lillies
Toss pollen to the wind
Remember this moment
She whispers

And my love will always find you
Ophelia May 2018
Big belly me
With wild bubble gum fantasies
Hands stretched to dirt
And waiting
I used to get lost in shapeshifter drywall
Marker pressed to cracked paint
Crayola Picasso

Big belly me is giddy like
sidewalk chalk potions
sugar strawberries and flavored play-doe

Your tiny fingers will trace
worlds undiscovered in
sand castles
we blow to the wind

closets are doorways
Not sanctuary’s
Home is not whispered to
late night beanie babies
With salty eyes

It is in my arms
So long they wrap around twice
Pregnancy has been one of my greatest adventures. Breaking family cycles of abuse and addiction will be my next.

— The End —