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Mystic Ink Plus May 2019
Don't dare to conflict
With Medics

They can
They can knockout
Using all those
Vile medical terms

For that
For that one needs to
Get through entrance
Join Medical School
Hold on for years
Even more
Just to understand
What they said
Genre: Observational
Theme: Caution
Mark Donnelly May 2017
A tear rolls down a swollen cheek,
Eyes are blue where violence wreaked,
The sob of tortured life wracks body and mind,
As that blow slows time,
Red blood spots bare skin and canvas,
A world spinning in coloured blackness,
As mind drifts to a place of comfort,
The other raises fists triumphant,
The crowd hollers in jubilance,
Worry not for me just call that ambulance.
It's a tough life.
oh no Dec 2014
//so brace yourself, you know, you know//
I’m never gonna live you down
you’ve uprooted me **//so look at me//
you’re just as bad as I am
you’re the richter kid, you are, you are
you’re the sinking in my gut. I’ll pick your claws out of my skin if you
pick me up off the floor
//do you think you sunk your teeth in me?
do you think I’ll stick around?//

dear god I’ll scrub this thin skin off my face just to be rid of you
I swear
you’re the raptor boy, you are, you are
//did you leave your hands with me?//
are you just that hit and run boy now? just that kind of crude?
rip me up you know. I’ll fall to pieces. when I hit the floor
don’t run. don’t speak. put your hand on my waist
//I hate you//
am I too sick for you sweetheart? is my body all I’ll lose?
if you don’t care then I don’t either. I’m just as bad as you are
one hit k-o, you know, you know
it’s a ******* shame //take courage//
my guts are spilled on this tile floor but I’m still standing
//still don’t love you//
don’t look back, you know, you know. there’s nothing left of me
//are we all this ******* tortured?
are you ripped apart like me?//

you’re the golden boy, you are, you are
you’re just as bad as I am
why are men so repulsive? hell is empty the demons are here

— The End —