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Tim S Aug 2016
Next to me you stood.
The music kept on playing.
I danced by myself.
I wrote this haiku about a girl named Jessica. I was head over heels for her. I think she almost felt the same. In the end, she didn't take the risk.
Marjani Mar 2016
Our winter wind blows..
Blows heavy
Flows deep
Flows and blows...bellows...
Me and you and i meet
Meet at where our fall seems to be beat...into...winter..
Our snowy peaks...and our mittens
That keep us from the frost bitten...
Leaves and flowers underneath
To the steady roots and fallen branches of trees
Our atmosphere...that pours white
Our new layer of snow...
That's lying there ready to melt...and ready to go...
With our new ending breeze...of spring...from a cold begging a timid sunny april...our love had just been realized...
Our winters made us stay together...and feel like we were wanted...our autumns made us laugh...our summers made us dance and....our last made us fall...until our winter soon came again to renew the cycle and start it all..
Over it begins..
To start a new..
Our seasons....but then one by one i start to spend them with out you...
I don't know where we ended...or for that matter where we began...i just know you were my fireplace...
You lasted long during our winters and faded our summers...but you always came i never see you...I'm wiser to know where you're at.. Not here..not there...not anywhere but my fire place....can you promise me you'll wait and warm me when it's time....i just wish our...winter came faster..
Marjani Mar 2016
The war is in my mind but the wounds are on my body..
The wounded girl you never knew was emo..

The cutting means something..
Remember kids down the street not across the road...
And when it finally gets that far..and i make it count...

When i finally show you its not me saying I'm okay, we both know I lied

Im fine, Im a complete failure
Im not hungry,Im just starving myself
Im not sad,Im dying inside

Im crying, im holding my breath
I wanna die, save me

Im lost inside myself, go away...i know its complicated but i really need you to stay..

Dont say anything...just hug me
Squeeze me.
Believe in me.
Lenore Lux Nov 2014
I'll be going home without leaving
we all are wrapped in dust
as if
the love
we create in all our small spaces
cannot provide the instances of growth we need to feel whole
I beg
you, realize the end you wander to in time

Jessica went away with all the lurching other guys
just to wind up growing older in a slow roll, home well before midnight
every time he or she wonders what in wandering they would have found
depression in a sick head worries what with your shadow not around
might happen to me, to me
The Wordsmith Nov 2014
Your eyes are stars, in the midnight sky,
Your hair like darkness, woven from the night,
I reach for you, like a moth reaches for light,
Yet you pull away, and now here I lie,
I dream of your lips, in the cold days that come,
My heart a growing and welling dam
Of pain and sorrow, unrelenting emotions,
That **** me inside, and strip me of all devotions,
For I want you, I love you, and I always will,
But now I guess, it's time to be real,
I might be eternally in love with you,
But I know deep down, you'll never love me too.

— The End —