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There comes a woman
beautiful, so much
more lovely than
she would be on this
perfect day, because
her eyes are fixed
on me - a man alone.

She has the allurement
of a dream, a phantom
of desired delights...
...made for what only
thoughts acclaim and
fairest words describe:
this woman is a poem.

On frozen heights
I had searched
anew for you
close to sunlit
clouds, the stars..

…between dreams,
romantic fantasies,
on paths of verse
laid down for me
landmarks set out
as passion’s trails.

Just out of reach
but always there,
to find at last
you in solitude.

Alone, I traced your
steps, followed all
imprinted on pristine
snows of memory.

anthony Brady Jul 11
I held your hands, you healed my pain
onto my heart inscribed your name
shared your joys while all the while
dissolved the sorrows behind my smile.

Even before the ink began to dry
You helped me find the truth
revealed right there upon the page
the clearest meaning in the verse.

I knew if ever we went astray
the sun would still rise and set
I would read your words that guide
words such as: “Be not Afraid.”

Fate bear me now on wings
to that dear solitary place
where you in peace repose
there  I will join you...

...then until the end of time
we will wander through
a sacred world: your heart
in mine and mine in thine.

Friendship can be greater and more powerful than love. Of course, love and friendship, when intimately combined, are the bedrock of the perfect relationship
Mother mine - forever missed,
I leave flowers for you today
and light a candle in a
nearby Chapel of Repose.
Your child, a grown man
but always your infant
prays from his inner soul.  
Peace attends you now,
be comforted,  consoled.
A surrogate woman
will kiss me when I
sleep and stay by me.
Her love hold me
cherished in her arms
close to her heart,
the place that's ours
and ours alone. A
mother and a
lover’s love.

anthony Brady Jun 13
Liberty. Equality. Fraternity.
I followed those signs
to a wayside chapel
of no denomination.
I lit a candle there
more in hope
than certainty.
My prayer was:
May its light
be ever bright
and show that
democracy is
a living reality,
a shining promise,
a brilliant ideal,
with many faces,
and always an
eternal perpetual
work in progress.

anthony Brady Jun 13
Tease my tongue with yours
so I may savour your poetry
sipped sweet from your lips

Let it flow in verses
as kisses lingering in
our memories forever.

Tattoo it in caresses
on pristine pages
of my skin.

Then I will slip from
verses of fantasy
into your arms.

anthony Brady Jun 12
You are to me what
dreams are made of.
I dream of you in lots
of different ways.
For example:
touching stars,
flying angels,
riding on clouds,
making magic
seeing fairies
writing happy-
ever-after- tales.
I count the ways
I dream of you.
Best of all  
every dream
of you - just
as you  are -
came true.

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