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Serendipity Dec 2019
There is something
so ominous
her iridescence.
Colm Dec 2017
Wash over with your iridescence
And waver slowly just above the scene
Mere feet away or miles now, I cannot tell?
Though your iridescent qualities may be seen
Forever in the waters quelled
The presence or lack of saturation is always most apparent. Not in her eyes, but in her thoughts.
Galbraith Frase Nov 2017
You're the code that I'm trying to figure out
You're the Pantone shades I'm trying to understand
You're the positivity and the doubt,
You're the missing element I want to cage a grand

I think I have mastered your patterns in crazy alternatives
That right now, I'm still arranging your unorganized buttons
I attempted to love you your likings, just to say that I am widely creative,
Though there are devilish and majestic counts for your respective reasons

Many mouths have delivered and said the same guilt of languages
Chaotic pasts and mayhems are hidden to remember
These wounds and emotions are no longer to be covered with classic bandages,
You're the holographic dream and the impossible to reach in all chambers

I have encountered broken  promises and I have trusted ranks of themes,
I guess we enjoyed the pride to where the roads will lead us to
Roses aren't that romantic as beautiful as they seem,
Orbs cannot unsee your inadequate schemes because boy, you're see through

My mind is floating twenty-four-seven like a gushing river,
Cues subsided in between unidentified hallucinations
Honestly, there are things that I insist to sugarcoat,
Scooping the factors that you have a bucket of reservations

Oftentimes, these glitches could appear in authentic waves
Feet are out of the box, searching for the valid sequence
My crumpled heart is the cursor and you're the file I still need to save,
This is the chronicle of how you became my iridescence
Which clasp am I going to choose and push then?
-- yours truly.
is the title of my self-published poetry book-- it will have stuff not seen by anyone or hello poetry, so tune in, if you wanna.

— The End —