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Galbraith Frase Aug 2019
hello and goodbye, little flower
the wallops of the sun and moon
the taste of sweet and sour,
why are you fading so soon?

energy never lies
each day, each petal dies
roots that are used to be cherished
zest is slowly beginning to perish

disappearing charisma burst
embosomed by a gloomier thirst
spirals of flourishing passion
stem's propped to percussion

restoring the seeds of fertility
is the perfect tone of sanity
but the sudden gush of calamities
hindered the ray of prosperity

tailored lullabies,
hoping for rain or a battle cry
here's the dream's doom,
for a flower that no longer blooms

the feeling becomes seasonal
a little bit under the weather,
remember the plant that used to grow?
now's colorless and withered
The saddest part of life? Is when your growth stopped for many, unexpected reasons and you got no choice but to fade away and lose energy.
Galbraith Frase Apr 2019
Aren't you getting drowsy?
From that rubber feeling being smudged inside
With the white lies, you're trying to hide
And answers that you cannot find

Human Pacifier
You feed them hope, you feed them glory
You feed them joy, even their exigency
You give your lasts and your entirety
Did they do the same?

Of course, they detect
That you're holding unto a Placebo Effect
Knows you're stoic and benevolent
So they keep sending amenable threats

Someday, it will trigger you
Your aspired esteem and prisoned wounds
Where you realize you need to fulfill "you",
Erase the 'shoulds' and do 'coulds'

It's not your fault being so tolerant
It's meant to happen though it's not meant to stay
It's not your duty to be the second hand
Just to be used and strayed

Recognize your worth
You must know when to leave the table
When you feel like being disabled,
Guard your heart and guard your castle
Because prevention is better than cure
It's okay to be kind but too much is nearly a definition of abuse. Stop feeding others for their satisfactory and start focusing on your betterment. Have you encountered a bond with someone with a great connection then it suddenly disconnects? Do you think it's worth another try?
Galbraith Frase Apr 2019
isn't it bittersweet?
how our parallels meet so sweet
the way we smile, when we show our teeth
it's not so tiring

never jaded by the repetitive cycle
gears are ready to the arriving battles
weapons are edgy, prepared to rumble

this proximity ain't absolute without warmth
because heat is the firing art
a touch of spice is the endearing part
it's not so tiring

every second, every minute
there comes a time when we thought about quitting
but we are each other's motivation
then we kept going and said,
"it's not exhausting"

everything seems so nice
like a perfect house of cards
but it's starting to fall apart
and it slowly breaks my heart

confuse, refuse
radiant, abuse
mistaken, rebuke
forgiveness, I choose

first, I fiddled the turmoil to see what was wrong
then I asked fervent questions to see what was wrong
third, I sought help above the clouds then hummed my song
but nothing seems so wrong, what happened?

I tried bringing stains to the discoloration
I tried serving flavor to the tasteless correlation
I tried giving hints to the dying consideration
and see if there's a resurrection to our disconnection

it's proof that too much sugar
can over sweetened you
and too much spice
can truly burn you

yes, I got tired
and I supposed you did, too
the ingredients of our love
are not as stable as it used to

we may have been unbalanced
or fell out of the missing pieces
we shouldn't forget the essence
of how we both started

it was tiring yet exhausting,
how miraculous it is that we didn't die
if 'nice' is what we yearn,
I think we should give it another try
Galbraith Frase Jan 2019
He loves me, he loves me not
A constant phase and a common thought
Spins like a halo occasionally
And it summons me unforgivingly

He loves me, he loves me not
Don’t lose hope, don’t get caught
Losing florets over the flower shop
So obsessed, I couldn’t stop
For I keep plummeting petals
Hands are excessive pedals

He loves me, he loves me not
My feeling’s loaded, my wisdom’s locked
Aid my soul inside the casket,
over the garden,
My harvested heart bleeds red,
Red as garnet

He loves me, he loves me not
Still waiting for a twist to the plot
Maybe tomorrow or maybe not
I can’t remain forever-aiming and then rot

He loves me, he loves me not
It’s getting cold and it gets hot
I can volunteer to squeeze myself until death
Because I’m running out of guesses

He loves me, he loves me not
A rising action and a falling one
What’s done with the rises,
when I am the fallen one?
I faded once but I’m alright
What a fool, to have another try
Here’s to the planets that can be worthwhile
Happy 2019 to everyone! Been there, done's been so long. I hope everyone is having a wonderful day, happy new year to all :)
Galbraith Frase Jul 2018
the world is full of missing parts,
then so am i
the malfunction of my image can bloom
the good deeds may glitch and die

no broken hearts could open gates for others
only throbbing fissures are to be seen
secret doors and damaged keys
rotten sadistic teen

yet you came
and i've never seen a demon so sweet to me, how?
smooth puffs ****** into my head
making me crazy and sane,
trust ain't easy to gain,
but i'm coaxed by your vows

i liked myself before
then i like my halo better now
the idea of angel wings and a fiend's ***** is not a good blend
but a compatible path was created
with an adequate commitment to try
he said he wants to love the opposite
if that's the deal,
then so am i
♥ ♥ ♥
Galbraith Frase Jul 2018
sounds can testify the details of a picture
whilst unholy orbs can earwitness the vowels and consonants
beneath the smoke is an ibidem treasure
nothing but the end of the line of the coincidence

there's something about the heat,
the taste,
the texture,
and the rhythm,
that puts each creature in a strange addiction
it draws me in a helix composition
or a different compensation
and most of all,
i'm bottled up in a wild satisfaction

my mundane hours would feel extra deserted
just like my camel stick when it's unkindled
i might hate seeing―experiencing typical things
but never tired of this kind of habit that seems brittle
or a sense of rage, not even a little
because of every sip,
my piercing thoughts became a whistle

as soon as i light up a coffin nail
my veins will finally ignite, once again
the dark shack i'm in will be darker
but brighter in my eyes
then my lonely spirit will be lonelier
but i'd have unseen friends in disguise

the subdued toxins will shatter in ashes
but it won't break like my positive qualities mixing in the air
turns out i'm not sniffing the exasperating scent
merely engulfing the ache and the rasp regrets

my peeves shall drown in my foggy statements
letting my weight float through the clouds
mind's hazy,
vision's blurry,
tears shiny,
and heart's happy,
yet the sadness would still creep when the last breath's out

the aftertaste should be really more ravishing
similar to the catchy tunes of 'offonoff'
feverless, manipulating, non-colorless
and especially, not quiddity-vanishing

the nicotine never fails to send me over in a mnemonic mess
directing me in a festinate loop in so many ways
the menthol touch wouldn't be as cold as the other people nowadays,
but when they ask, they'd question;
"what was the song, by the way?",
i'd stumble and fall with my laconic disorder
inside my head like a wounded cassette
then i'll answer,
it's cigarette
Gratefully inspired by OFFONOFF's "Cigarette" (ft. Tablo & Miso). Had a great debate and peaceful time putting out the words into this beaut, my playlist seems to symbolize my life and myself :) If you want to check it out, let me know x.
  Jul 2018 Galbraith Frase
Sometimes my vision starts to vibrate
Back and forth,
Like the firmament of reality
Is ripping apart into dreams
And I wonder if one day it'll go
All the way
And I'll just zoom off into some strange bruise of blue
And purple-black
Heart attack

Reading HR on the wall
Thinking how far we have to fall
Feeling the pleasant rush of air
Run across my free cheeks

And I keep blinking,
Thinking that if I just want a little more
Push a little more
Maybe the word will crack open the rains of fortune
And whisk me away like an egg

Grinding my fingers against the tree,
Trying to eat at the bark
Like a little ******
But not so wrong, honestly.

I find more often than not
When I oft retreat into enclosed thought,
Stepping stones across the pond
Of reality,
I dream of something that could never be.

Like a stone,
Crashing into a celestial dome
Only a fraction of an inch
And destroying wholly
All things that called it home.

Clawing deep at wormword
Blood on fingers, blood and hand
To fall ever softly toward the beautiful
To some perfect miracle.
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