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We believe in external world
We perceive images
Images interact with images
Changing the reality
Thinking objectively with our images
Stone age to modern age
we evolved successfully
What else we need as proof
Images reflect reality in physicality
Our thinking is more or less objective
Evidenced by the extant order
Otherwise, there would be
all round anarchy
Aberrations do occur
No need for painting
gloomy pictures that we live in images
Distorted by the subjectivity of individuals
We believe in external world
We perceive images
Valid, valid images
True reflection of reality!
Views antithetical to those expressed in this poem are more popular with people who love poetry. Happiness joins hands with sadness and melancholy is the winner!
Led between worlds
from where we once came
Lines of separation in our DNA
Multiple choice from limited modes
Strings are attached as you interact
with who we will match
Theoretical simulation code
Life becomes death and onto the next
All we leave is this game
(@PoeticTetra - instagram/twitter)
Shelly Chu Feb 2018
We are all drops in the ocean,
We create ripples in the water,
Waves to the shore,
And tsunamis to the town.
We don't hold anything close to us,
But the people that we love.
And as it seems where we stand now
We only affect ourselves,
But if we look a bit closer,
We're setting fire to the rain.
Our tiny moves and actions
Aren't affecting only our souls alone,
But the God in heaven as well.
And that just simply isn't all.
For we are also slightly affecting
The ones that are close to us,
The ones we claim to love.
And so if we want to see
The affect we have today,
Look at each individual
That you have interacted with,
And don't just simply look at
Your selfish simple heart.
First poem on this site.
Liz Carlson Feb 2018
what drives me crazy
is how people interact.

we all listen to reply,
not to understand.

we listen to share our
experiences instead of
just being there for that person.

next time you interact
with someone,
try to really listen.

— The End —