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Hales Mar 2020
With eyes of blue and sea foam too,

There’s not a moment in time that
Is for Andy
Bartelo Damien Jun 2016
I remember being at the park
waiting for you.
I had my leather jacket on,
a book on my right hand
and tea on the other.
You were the lights on a christmas tree.
You were the confetti on a cake.
You were Bonnie and I was Clyde.
But you disappeared.
Sooner than seafoam,
And I was blue,
bluer than the ocean.
I wrote this poem days ago, but I was really busy at work and home. So here it is, pure inspiration through heartbreak and free verse, because they rhyme very well.
Letting the water rush around my ankles,
I whisper your name to the seafoam.
I roll my tongue around each syllable,
as if enunciation alone could draw
fate lines between us.

The water recedes,
and takes with it my breath.
I see now that the ocean is what taught you
to leave me gasping for air.
Hello again friends, it seems my voice has found its way back to me. I wonder what I will learn from it this time around.

As always, I'm at a loss for a title.
Chelsea Wood Jan 2015
the water attacks

the shore cries such solemn tears

seafoam a mere ghost
I'm finally back on here!
And I'm back with my first Haiku ever!

— The End —