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alice Jul 2019
You waited for me
And I failed to come
I deserve to be forgotten in this dusty hole
Because of what I've done
Daniel Mar 2019
I think i needed
Some time in silence
Scared shitless
And shaking
And needing
Every second of it
But can you see me
It's dark

I think i needed
Some time in silence
Scared shitless
And shaking
And needing
Every second of it
But can you see me
It's dark
Hey everyone,

I’m back and have been writing more than ever! I hope to get some of my current work on here! If you have an Instagram though, go follow me!
Pastell dichter Nov 2017
Hello to old friends and hello to new ones
I’ve been gone but now I’m back
And I won’t be going anywhere anytime soon
I’m a bit rusty and disused but with some work I’ll be as good as new
Hello all. I’ve been gone for a long time because of my mental health but ive been getting better so hopefully this will be the first of many more poems to come
Sorin L Javerin Oct 2017
It's not common of me to be late,
It's not something for which I strive,
Day in and day out you sit out front and wait,
You wait to see if I'm late so you may wake the hive.

The hive of insults and jeers,
Just to make me look inadequate,
You amp it up inside just for the cheers,
the cheers of all inside who want me to quit.

It's not something I want,
All this hate because of a mistake,
With my head hung low as you flaunt
The fire you brought to me tied at the stake.

Enjoy yourself for now
because soon that fire will be mine.
And when its mine you'll wonder how
You became the first burning in line.

The fires of my rage burn brighter and brighter
while your darkness grows dimmer.

The day is coming for me to be free,
And a glorious revenge I
Demonatachick Jun 2017
These poems are just words I write to help pass sleepless nights, for when you're hearts not close and the sky has lost its lights.
Nocturnal yearning
Hiya guys I'm so sorry I've been so inactive I'm gonna try my best to catch up with everything I've missed!
Kambry Wilson Nov 2016
They say in a way that time heals all,
That it sort of cushions or eases the fall.
That in the end things will get better,
Even if you are waiting on forever.
But time is simply a passing phase,
A clock slowly ticking away at your days.
Time is only a mere distraction,
It is meant to keep you from the attraction.
It grabs you by the wrist and refuses to let go.
And even when you look down, there is nothing below.
Because no matter what, you are stranded in time.
You cannot get out nor escape your mind.
So accept the fate that has been given to you,
And remember that time was never meant to be true.
It's been a while and I have writer's block so enjoy this old poem that I revised :)
It's been a lot time,
since I've been on here.
Things have changed,
and school is now over.
Graduation came and went,
now I get to stay at home.
I haven't been on here,
in a very long time.
I don't know if anyone sees me,
or even cares when I write on here.
But I love to write,
have since I can remember.
So I will do my best,
to keep sharing my feels on here.
Where I can do so privately,
without revealing personal info.
Hello again, everyone on here.
Been a long time. Hello again.
Bri Jun 2016
I sit here at 2am
wanting to talk to you
because I can’t sleep.
These thoughts are keeping me up
and I swear I’m losing myself because of them,
I feel so empty and so cold
the only thing keeping me warm is
the smoke from this burning cigarette.
Alexis Marie Jan 2016
Don't you dare wish for the death of your soul.
Please don't hope at 17 that your life is cut short,
Because somewhere out there, a little girl, only a few years old, hasn't lived to make her first mistake, while you attempt to make your last, the innocence of her soul is severed quickly from her body, fighting for her life while you slit your wrists just because some boy just doesn't ******* love you back.

Don't you dare try to tell me your life isn't worth living, because the only God forsaken problem you have is the lack of the innocent love of a teenage boy.
All these people trying to **** themselves while little babies are dying left and right makes me absolutely sick.
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