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YUKTI Apr 25
I still hear your flirting voice
In that train journey
You filthy stranger with a breathtaking smile.

Sitting on my seat on my cellphone screen
I suddenly notice a sharp gaze
Oh, it was you
A boy with black dusky hair, in beachy shirt and shorts.

You felt like "a little sun" to me in between those "cold wintery" people
When you spoke, finally breaking the silence.
Your sugary words, made the surrounding smells like a marshmallow.

Your way of talking is too smart as well as silly
Opens a door to a different crazy world forme.
always a very poised girl was laughing like a cute drunkard,
Is that you or your appearance or your voice that makes me high.

I looked for you
In every new person, I met
But as the moon in the early morning,
You had disappeared.

now with the hope, it will be you,
Let's meet strangers, in another train journey to worth remembering.
a short writeup on train journey
Thomas W Case Apr 11
Where is everyone?
I look, and see the quiet little bell
with nothing under it.
hp is a ghost town...
Where is everyone?
Farheen Khan Mar 1
With every flow of words
You touch my heart
So soothing
And so calm
Let me tell you have some magic
Going around
Maybe i just lost myself in your words 
Every line of your poetry
Feels like a long time prayer getting fulfilled
Just by holding on your to phrases
I do live those joyous moment
Just to restore it in
My heart
This is for the all poets on HP I love you guys so much it's so nice to be here and I love reading all your poems it inspires me so much and a special mention to fawn I love you 😍 thanks for your support from day one , means alot to me 🤗and take care guys ❤️
Where Shelter Apr 2017
I The Hard Part
~ be a good friend

II The Easy Part
~ write what you feel
12:00am April 5, 2017
Donna Jan 31
Thank you HP for
allowing me to write on your
site and share my words

You know what I think it’s so awesome to be able to write here on hp , I love to write and it’s lovely knowing I can write and post here on hp and get lovely comments and support from people like myself :) ❤️❤️❤️
I’m a proud wife and a great mother who just so happens to have a Hugh ;passion for writing :) if I wasn’t writing and sharing my poetry here on hp my poetry would be just left stored in my notes so thanks hp your great **
Star BG Jan 10
on the HP western front
of my Home feed.
It’s roads are empty.
Its resident poets seasoned
with gifts aren't walking with pen canes.
Or driving cars of visions.

Guess they're all
in a different cyber town

after some clouds in mind
bring rains to community,
a rainbow of words will
come and my home town
will be FULL AGAIN.
Just having a silly thought.
Star BG Jan 8
When my home on street of HP
is quiet
not a street lamp poem to be seen
I take to the street
and write myself
hoping another light
to cast a poem shadow
will go on.
silly thought I scribed when in middle of night on HP site there were no poems to read on my Home of HP site.
Star BG Dec 2019
My writer guide speaks now through me,
to launch my verse, that whispers sweet.
Words dance as they fly toward a page
to anoint future eyes.

I will echo gratitude,
when poem does end and time has flown.
I’ll post it on a site, HP
that calls both night and day.

Perhaps in time some likes shall come
with goal to reach 1000 hearts.
And with a prayer I just may find
it trend to make me smile.

Oh Reader please open your heart
to know in truth you are divine.
Let your sweet love guide as you find,
born is a poem so fine.
Just exercising heart with my new writer guide and out this came.  Thanks all for reading.
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