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Anya Sep 2018
Proteins oh Proteins,
How much you do for us!

You are our support
The framework keeping us up
The bones under our skin

You are the mad scientist
encouraging chemical reactions within us
Enzymes, catalyzing reactions

You are our traffic regulators
Signaling how much,
Like insulin regulating glucose in the blood

You are the detectives within us
Figuring out what it bad
Then flagging it for destruction

You are our truck drivers
Shuttling materials to
and fro
Hemoglobin, carrying oxygen from the lungs

You are our storage
Our shelves packed to the brim with
Like ferritin storing iron in our bodies

There is so much you do
That is key to our survival
However shall I remember all you do
for my test tomorrow?
ashley marie Aug 2018
If I could fly
Freedom would guide my wings
Don’t we all want to escape
From the earth?
Be somewhere we cannot be found?

I dream of hemoglobin wings
That carry me across the bright eyed sky,
Reflecting the energy of the sun
That brings my freedom to life.
Their gloss makes them look wet,
doused in the glory of gore.
We stand with the rest of us,
in peace after the war.
This was a gorgeous dream that I once had in February. I'm sad to say when I wrote the original form of this poem I lost it somehow, it was a full page long and one of my best creations. I spent weeks revising it and adding and it was so beautiful but shorter isn't so bad either.
you're made of
not to be scientific
the hemoglobin found
in your blood-
the only other place
its found,

— The End —