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karly codr Oct 2020
They unintentionally told me tonight
That they're proud of me
But I don't cry in front of them
So I have to wait to cry happy tears
Until they fall asleep.
So... I kind of had a ****** day today... I found out that I didn't make the All-State choir that I was so excited to maybe be a part of, and so I was kind of crying for a couple of class periods today... but it started looking up, and I had the first rhythm section practice for our basketball/pep band and that was fun so my day was getting better, and then I got home and I was in my room and coming upstairs for dinner and I heard my parents talking to my brother about what I've been dealing with and how great my grades are they didn't say the actual word "proud" but I could just tell that they were and it made me so happy like seriously... <3
Jackie Mead Apr 2018
In the still of the night
A Pale Moon casts its light
It comes and goes, goes and comes
Like it is playing with us as it safely guides us home

One minute the Moon is there to be seen, in its fullest glory
The next hidden behind a cloud, like it’s a character acting out its own story
The moonlight is just bright enough to guide us home
Letting us know as we walk in the dark that we are not alone

We walk and talk, holding hands, laughing with our friends
The Moon continues its game of hide and seek, dipping behind the clouds
It is not long before it’s back taking a peep, ensuring our safe-keep
Guiding us safely home, to our houses in the street, once there were street lights to guide us home
Now I’m glad to say that conserving energy means you are honoured to witness nature coming out to play

The Moon tonight is pale and round it looks very small in the sky and its colour is milky white
The clouds are shades of white and a little bit of grey
I ponder what the clouds will be like tomorrow when the Moon goes in and the Sun comes out to play
Will the grey in the clouds disappear, giving way to blue and warmth?
Will they darken every hour resulting in a downpour?

Nature is perfect in everything it does, wrapping its arms around us all, in one big happy hug

© Jackie Mead
April 2018
Great day and night out with friends yesterday and a beautiful walk home along the canal with just the Moon to keep us company, sometimes the simple things in life are all we need
Martin Dufresne Apr 2018
How ironic to be sad when remembering happy days.
Jackie Mead Mar 2018
Fall snow fall
Cover the ground in white as far as you can see
We don't get you very often but you are beautiful to see
Fall snow fall
Khadro Jama May 2017
The brighter days,
laughter here and there
Days like this when the rain comes down,
Washing away the darker days, weeks and months.
Things are still hard.
Dreaming about all the good possibilities
To make change happen!!
change can only happen if you know where to look.
Here's a tip,
Surround yourself with good encouraging people.
Believe in your possibilities.
Believe in Your self!
Believe in your Dreams.
Yes, You can do anything you put your mind to,
That's only if you want it.
Rainy days that end with flowers.
अय ज़िन्दगी

तू भी कहीं  रूठ ना जाये
हिज्र मुझसे कर ना जाये
तू भी कहीं मर ना  जाये
ये सोच कर हम  तुमसे
ग़िला करते भी तो क्या करते  ?

अय ख़स्ताहाल ज़िन्दगी  !अय ख़स्ताहाल ज़िन्दगी !

तू भी आजा , फिर औरों से
चले भी जाना अपने पैरों से
फिर आके यारे परिजद  का ख़याल दे
और कहना फिर  वही बात जाते हुए
कि  तारा फलक का ज़मीं पे  दिखाते  हुए
कि  भूल जा इसे दिल से निकाल दे

अय तस्कीं वक़्ते ज़िन्दगी !
अय तस्कीं वक़्ते ज़िन्दगी !
poem showing contrast of happy days and sad days on life.
Dreams of Sepia Oct 2015
Mint tea springs oases
on dusty streets where your camera
staples doors, faces, dogs,
windows, water cans together
as I reach for your hand across the table
do you remember how
in a Cellar Theatre
not too far from here
& guarded only by
the fattened moon
we forgot who the audience &
who the actors were
as we strained our eyes
to see the play?
Kreuzberg is a particularly multicultural part of Berlin, known for it's Turkish & Arab population. I lived in Berlin for 10 years & often went there. This is one of a series of poems I entitled ' Berliner Minutiae' & which were originally written in 2010.
happy days are here
now go **** the messenger
'cause the beat's too much
© 2011  J.J.W. Coyle
Death-throws Mar 2015
falling is a weird sensation
I've never failed to fall, tripping on the curb of your hip
more over, I've never failed to fall for you,
that first autumn back lit morning,  the day you caught my eye
and the past is a funny game. i made my move ,
never can i step back to change my ways
and hasn't been easy
and no...never, would i ever change it,
because  the rapids of my home river have shaped the boat in which i use to sail, my soul has been carved from limestone cliff faces dangled over by tight lipped trees to tired to give me their secrets you are..
you are a thought. a being I've never come by before
your a bend in the river where the current slows..
your a cliff face with my name carved into it,
even though I've never once taken a knife to your surface
you are comfort,
like looking into a mirror i see myself, and for the first time in my life
for the very first time..
I've looked into a mirror and smiled
and sweet heart I'm going too look into your eyes
and say softly that I'm glad,
I'm glad your a mountain that's already been climbed I'm glad its not my flag that rests in the arrow like crest of your ginger scrawled hair I'm glad
because the men who charge to summits leave nothing but a flag
and some foot prints
i want to be the man for you, the man who climbs your peaks daily..
the one who makes sure your looked after,
a forest ranger to preserve your sanity, to make sure your soul although fractured and aching.
can roam free,
but I've ranted now,
ill sign of my love letter with but a drip of blood,
and a Liter of love,
continue your course sweet heart and you wont need to steal  the chest that houses my heart
ill give you the key
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