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Dave Robertson Dec 2020
Head resting on the cold glass,
the bus streams a show
of tired towns and spent countryside,
my oh-so-worldly heart
beats through paper thin sophistication
anticipating mum and dad
with all the missing love
that for a forgotten moment
makes the *****, vaulted ceiling
of the station resound
Caitlin Ellis Aug 2019
the bittersweet homecoming
these telephone box blues
distance has humour
life does too
Kewayne Wadley Jan 2017
There is a certain feeling that arrives soon as the thought approaches.
A sort of dream like feeling that comes to take over what ever mood,
What ever presence that is shallowly felt.
In truth it's the best part of the day.
Finally putting yourself first and making that special trip to ultimate comfort.
A place that you've been but never felt until the feeling grabs you as mutual.
Truth of the matter, life couldn't be as grand as you can imagine it.
The mental aspect of anticipation.
The thought alone is breathtaking.
Taking everything in stride, promising not to stay gone long.
Going to a place that you've always known.
Following a gut instinct, it's only natural.
Not fully understanding it's depth until having left
To truly know just how much it means.
Going home
stone the bear Apr 2016
where is home?
is it where you used to grow?
But how do you reap if you do not sow?
You must scatter everything to and fro.
I ask again, where is your home?
it might be on the greener side,
but it feels like concrete.
how do you grow?
when quick sand surrounds your feet?
You relax, listen to the story nature has to tell.
we are all of the same kind,
down to every microscopic, functioning cell....


then just allow it to move you.
Life is the ebb,
you must choose to be flo.
RazanSidErani Feb 2015
The road skits faster
Than my eyes can capture
Gravel flying upwards like bullets
The winds are familiar
So is this place
My conscious is emancipated
As I draw closer towards home
The warmth and safety enhances me
Familiar is what I crave
Home is what I need
To forget today's work and sweat
Truly I don't need that anymore
It'll be on pause till tomorrow
When I return to that world again
But for now its home
Like a queen needs her bed
So do I.
© RazanRinaldi
ryn Dec 2014
My last few hours,
In the land of a week's refuge.
Bade goodbye to water towers,
Away with sunsets made of rouge.

Ready to fulfil a previous standing pact
To a life I left and put on hold.
I'll leave you in memories of retrospect.
An experience worth weight in gold.

As always I find myself in the driveway .
Standing all alone, in the dark.
Looking up at what does lay.
Spellbound as usual as the distant dogs bark.

I'm sending wishes into space,
Kisses to the dots in the sky.
Going to miss this place...
As the coming year would go by.

I'd long for you,
My twinkling lovelies in my nights.
Following hours would be through
You'd be replaced by city lights.

For now allow me to drink you to a stupor.
A feast I can't get enough of.
Let these minutes extend into forever...
Goodbye Darwin stars, you have all my love.
Time to go home.

— The End —