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Whisper Yes Nov 16
I wish I could make contact
I don't want this
Trying to stay strong
To not crack and reach for you
To stay true to what we said
To dig into my motives
Question my intentions
For reaching out
Simply I miss you
I hate no contact - it makes me want it all the more
I don't want it to be like this
Can you hear me
Can you feel me
  Oct 2 Whisper Yes
Baby, you don’t need to be anything,
Other than who you are,
Baby, I never told you,
But it’s you I admire.

I, had to change,
Go through that phase,
I, never left you,
You never left me.

When I close my eyes,
It’s you I see,
Lying there,
Next to me.
Whisper Yes Aug 30
I wonder what we will do
Without wine or TV to distract us
Let's lie on the couch you say
Something in me freaks at the simplicity
At the wide open space and presence you are offering
As I lay there in the quiet stillness something begins to happen
The deep darkness within me begins to open
It emerges into the light like a small animal
The tears start to fall
You stay right by me stroking my face
Telling me I can talk if I want to but that I don't have to
Whisper Yes Apr 5
Her body was tight
Resistant to move
Invisible armour surrounding her heart
Offering it to the darkness
Removing all pressure
She began to move
And it began to melt
Whisper Yes Apr 5
She sits on a stool in the kitchen
The last of the evening sun caressing her face

She spent the last 2 hours dancing
Her body being moved by the music
Freedom flowing through her veins

She couldn't talk that day
All she could do was allow her body its voice
Trusting it to show her the way

She lit 4 candles
One for each of them
Her mother
Her sister
Her grandmother
And her

Her body moving
Freeing each of them as she moved
Past present and future dancing
Secrets whispered and revealed through her body
She reminded me of a butterfly.
With wings so delicate
No one could see

One wrong thing said
Would send her in a chaotic decent.

One right thing spoken
Would set her soaring free.

The only difference is butterflies fly and fall with so much grace.

-she never quite mastered that.

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