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Boris-Bryce Jun 25
fate crossed our paths and intertwined our hearts
we were once the remedy to each other's souls
until we became each other's poison and ceased to grow
out of love becomes for one adoration
but for the other it becomes exasperation
never enough is my unrequited love
oh - immaculate being from above
when I look at me I despise my own reflection
how then could I ever really perceive your true perfection?
The biggest mistake we make when it comes to love, is making someone else the source of your happiness, an addiction that ends up fatal
I thought I won the crown
So, I prepared the gown
Little did I know
That's the trick of my foe

They prepared a show
In cold winter snow
I'm experienced such woe
And realized I'm just a clown

My gown has turned into ember
The things I could remember
Only rage and anger
Epitome of the raging fire on December
This just my way of expressing my real life experience.
Zander May 2019
I let you control me as long as I could take.

I never let myself get out of your sight,

hiding behind the fact that you wanted the best for me.

Somehow this was all in love and I just couldn't see that until I got older.

But you hurt me.

You went out of your way to hurt me when we had just started over.

You ruined me and everything we could've been.

And it's my fault for letting everyone I love go.

It's my fault for being the one that got away.
All have diffrent problems
All struggle everyday
You can't make other people be like you
To think and do things like you do
Mama told me that
To just accept and respect them
Leave them all to God
To not stress out myself
blackbiird Mar 2019

the worst mistake was loving
you when your heart loved someone else.

دema Dec 2018
I thought you were trying to make me a better person,
I thought you knew better than I did,
but you don’t,
and I know I’m better off without you,
because all you have been trying to make out of me,
is a person you can control.
J Jun 2018
“You said xyz.”


Did I really?
Could I have forgotten
Or changed my tune
So much these words
I don’t think I’d say
I might once have strewn?

Or are you banking
On my failure to document
And my learning curve
For convenient blame
When you fail
To rightly play the game?

This time I’ll allow doubt
The benefit..
A misunderstanding perhaps?
Assumptions adrift?
But be aware...
If indeed your claim
And aim to blame
Should pan out to be
A shameful ruse -
If you ever pull this **** again -
And that’s why you should always take notes.
Dazed Dreaming Mar 2018
F. Scott Fitzgerald said it perfectly.
"And in the end, we were all just humans.. drunk on the idea that love, only love, could heal our brokeness."

I can say without a doubt Fitzgerald  knew his fair share of love and love lost.

Just like me...
Loving you, was my greatest lesson.
As I learned that even though you are broken my love, as endless As it was for you... I could never heal your brokeness.
Mystic904 Sep 2017
Those happy and the lovely faces
Like brothers we roamed around places
All those good times together we spent
those memories now aren't worth a cent
At least their true faces they showed
The glamorous garden at heart they mowed
So much in my mind for them had I planned
Criticized me, left the blame in my hand
Didn't see the glimpse of how much I cared
All those useless and useful things I shared
Forgave and forgave because I don't mind
A point just came, had to say am not blind
I may have left marks but never the scars
Had I been hurt, still do I see them as stars

'Toleration' is what people lack
Tolerate, wait, take a step back

c. FATeer
With respect to the former best friends.
A common sentiment, but remember; this world isn't  your friend nor an enemy, it's a place of toleration(sabr) and a place waiting for people to make it a better place :)
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