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Mend me
Dont end me
My heart so eroded
So shattered
So broken

Mend me
Dont end me
Melt my eroded heart
Until it become
Glass once more
Amanda Nov 2018
Some are born broken
One rung in their genetic ladder twisted differently
Selfish, uncaring, and weak, among other things..
Whichever fatal flaw, their cursed souls just don't seem to be able to change
These are the people that explode like bombs
Leaving a wake of destruction everywhere they go

Some are broken by something else
One tragedy shakes them with such viciousness feelings rattle loose
Falling to the bottom of their body
Sunk somewhere dark they don't know how to reach
Once this happens, they are never the same again
Cold heartache in their guarded eyes
Regardless of how many lonely years pass

The worst broken is to he born whole
Over days and months of misery and frustrated failure
Little pieces chip away
By the chisels of surrounding people
Whether it is an unkind word spoken
A careless lie believed
An act of spite or betrayal
Even faultless unreciprocated love
Each time they are hurt or disappointed another piece is shaved off their soul
When enough goodbyes and unanswered questions have taken their share
Eventually all the goodness eroded creates a crater so big
There isn't anything real left at all
I am the last one
Wyatt Sep 2016
The eroded concrete tells a story similar to mine.
A foundation formidably strong at first glance.
You admire the job it does, the way it is.
You don't take time to notice
all the cracks forming inside of it,
how weak it really is when you stand on it.
Amitav Radiance Jul 2014
The fundamentals of simplicity is not fathomed
Entangled in the barbed wires of complexities
Simple words sing no more to the yearning ears
Heavy laden words and tedious conversations
Gnawing away at the precious moments of life
Disparity is making the divide in humanity
Thoughts no more in one’s control, all indoctrinated
Confusion and rage seems to be the new found ‘normal’
Wonder why simplicity is consigned to such a fate
Let there be a new dawn of realization, to simply live
Breathe in the fresh era of clarity, with no malice
Simplicity, I pray to thee, turn your gaze towards humanity

— The End —