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Reine Monroe Jul 2016
"Welcome to my red room"
"Where trouble can find you ,
Ease into my red room,
We drink the darkest liquor & gossip,
Like we blood sisters,

Welcome to my red room,
Excuse the weeds and the mold in between the bricks of my dome,
I'll clean it up soon,
Entities and enemies ,
Lovers and lovelies ,
Welcome to my red room,
I don't fit into the box of stereotypes,
Meaning my mind & heart is big,
but my body is small bite...
Red aesthetics surrounds a room,
It makes it comfy for 1 person ,
Even though there's 5 to each room,

"Welcome to my red room,"
Where there are shadows on each wall,
Murals of black bodies and death claws,
Books with magic & art filled with little devils and demons,
Knowledge is what I'm feeding and breathing off of,
She walks with knives under her feet
& she glares with shades so dark for her eyes,
She kisses the Devils lips,
What an unearthly surprise,
In love with a beast,
Who lives in the red room?
Fire places spits flares around the room?
A love that is soon to be doomed?
Why is she living in my red room?
Lady Blonde trapped in a corner,
Deep into her cocoon,
So no one ever saw her,
Holding her head in the darkest corner,
Rocking back and forth,
As she bleeds tears from her pretty brown eyes,
I can see it from the corner,
Corner of my vision
Peripheral vision,
More like easing into the depths of death,
Peripheral death,
the evidence that has been proven,

She has the deepest cracks on her face,
As she breaks on the inside,
It is getting crazy on the outside,
She pounds cakes of makeup,
As her enemy in disguise beats her canvas in like a punching bag,
His songs she would hum,
Until her face is finally done,
Her smile is stitched together,
For now before her peace is gone...

"Welcome to my red room"
"Where trouble can find you ,
Ease into my red room,
We drink the darkest liquor & gossip,
Like we blood sisters"

*"Welcome to my red room"
Reine Monroe Jun 2016
Her body is the color of the reddest roses,
Cheeks shimmer with the brightest of highlighters,
Eyes flooded with the thickest blood,
"I am what I am,"
I am RM

I am the red roses & thorned vines fused
"If you look at me in the face,
Do you think that you can find you?
Do you think that what I have in me,
Is what you hold in you?"
Imperfections painted on the walls of a thousands cells in my library,
A mural with demons & angels,
Even though the borders of my enchanted forests screams hell....
Living I'm alive,
I'm breathing better aren't I?
She's doing good in life,
But she knows she'll live 5 times,
Because 5 is the magic number,
Entities in 4 different colors....

Her face is painted with makeup,
It's an illusion to the face, that she wakes up with,
All of my good and happy moments ,
That have failed to exist,
Can't you see it ?
Her eyes shows what she has seen,
Her feet shows where she has gone,
Her hands shows what she has created,
A monster living in a world not so sacred,
On the run, she's on the run,
In the night ,
She's on the run...

This is her description..
Reine Monroe Jun 2016
The cessation of a sunset,
Red & blue skies fill my demon infested
My eyes are brown, my skin
Turns to red velvet...
With a blink of an eye I run,

Into the night I run,
Through the tall trees & into midnight...
My body is burning on the inside..
My hands are numb ,
My eyes are closed shut.

Into the night I run,
I run to farthest distance in an instant,
Hands & feet in a stance of insertity,
Hair tied ,
Face smashed with messiest of makeup,
Bleeding the red tears of the sinful red baby...

Into the night I run,
Running away from myself,
My present body and out of my skin,

Into the night I run,
Where no one can see me,
I scream the highest of voices
Screeching in hatred of the world...

Into the night I run,*
I run until I am one with the Sun...
And all that I am and what I was ,
Is finally done..

— The End —