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Jun 2016
Her body is the color of the reddest roses,
Cheeks shimmer with the brightest of highlighters,
Eyes flooded with the thickest blood,
"I am what I am,"
I am RM

I am the red roses & thorned vines fused
"If you look at me in the face,
Do you think that you can find you?
Do you think that what I have in me,
Is what you hold in you?"
Imperfections painted on the walls of a thousands cells in my library,
A mural with demons & angels,
Even though the borders of my enchanted forests screams hell....
Living I'm alive,
I'm breathing better aren't I?
She's doing good in life,
But she knows she'll live 5 times,
Because 5 is the magic number,
Entities in 4 different colors....

Her face is painted with makeup,
It's an illusion to the face, that she wakes up with,
All of my good and happy moments ,
That have failed to exist,
Can't you see it ?
Her eyes shows what she has seen,
Her feet shows where she has gone,
Her hands shows what she has created,
A monster living in a world not so sacred,
On the run, she's on the run,
In the night ,
She's on the run...

This is her description..
Reine Monroe
Written by
Reine Monroe
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