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Mia Nov 2019
I'm falling through the atmosphere,
Burning up, scorching my skin
Unstoppable, to my own demise.

But is it really death to be free?
Stuck between gravity and a hard place
I let go, and flare up majestically.

I'd rather be a shooting star
Ephemeral and destructive
Than a prisoner of my own fate.

I'm dropping down, and out.
I am tired of studying. But there is no better place for me right now...
I kind of want to give up.
mjad Mar 2019
I don't like mustaches and you remembered
You kept it till last December
When you knew you'd see me one last time
You dropped out of highschool for an extra dime
My friends say you're not good for me
And I understand
A dropout and the girl with the principal as her biggest fan
But I live for the moments we have together
From Subway dates to running home in bad weather
My friends don't get how happy I am
How I understand that you aren't a good guy, but not a bad man
You have a warrant out for your arrest
But I sometimes fail my tests
We all have our bad things, we regret and don't flaunt
But you are not one of mine, and I'm of yours I hope not
A bad analogy I understand, but take a moment to see what you can
He's a sweetheart and a charmer for sure
But he loves me for me and that's pure
I dont get guys like that much if at all these days
And I know he means good intentions in all of his ways
As bad as they may be
And my friends remind me
We mustn't judge a book from the cover
Simple as can be
Akemi May 2015
Guess it means nothing
95 or not
Drop out
Drag on
**** up

I hate this potential
Nervous burns wander my skin
Reciting old poetry

Expect nothing
I keep saying
Expect nothing

Remember the morning after
How we bathed in cypress
So we’d live forever?

I talked circles round your neck
And settled in the empty space your body left
9:17pm, May 27th 2015

And you thought I would go places.
Samantha Louise Nov 2014
Homework, Tests, Quizzes
I'd rather be doing competitions
for things that I actually love
Shredding, Music, and everything I write of.

What if I were to drop out?
Would my life exist on the ground?
Or would I have more time to make me
instead of boxing up all of my dreams

I'm sick of school 7 hours a day
I wanna stay home and go my own way
Compose music and post it
Go on the Voice and then host it
the education has my mind swirled
I'm stuck here I wanna transworld

— The End —