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French rose Aug 2018
I'm not sleeping I'm just thinking with my eyes closed as my mind and soul drifts to a world of dreams
Thought of it while I was watching vampire diares
Sarah Elaine Feb 2017
Wonderful madness,
Beauty amplified,
Magical chaos,
Determined randomness.

Momentum picks up.
Patterned, yet wild and free.
Gentle yet upstream.

Addicted to the kiss of the wind,
Mesmerized and carefree,
Swept away by fate.

Quiet passion.
Silent screams.
Longingly collides.
Estherzz21 Apr 2015
Day by day I turned the page,
day by day I read your words;
Gradually, heavily, leisurely-not,
I leave my body, unconsciously.

Covered with long white sleeves,
muttering and uttering,
"Change does not exist,
one simply takes one step closer to their true self."

Natheless, drifting was I,
and you say true self;
Withal, nameless was mine,
yet you blabber true self.

Unknown and unseen,
haunting me dawn and dusk;
So there it lies,
my stranger,
my true self.
I am you and you are me,
lying within the same body;
yet what differs me and you,
would be the one they say true self.

— The End —