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Estherzz21 Apr 2019
Hovering right above ground,
Stranded in the midst of air,
Below the surface she drowned,
Inhaling all as despair.
Peculiarly still she glowed,
A smile ensured by sincerity,
Normality in it she abode,
In depth yet choked with vulgarity.
Hypocrisy and cowardice it stood,
Within the struggle to perpetuate,
Nostalgia for days in childhood,
Hope has yet to be illustrate.
Estherzz21 Jan 2016
Trudging up flight of stairs,
Heaving with stacks of book,
Tipping my head for a glimpse,
But your gaze had me on hook.
With composure I strolled on,
The flutters stayed in my heart,
Without a break in our stare,
You smiled and made me fall apart.
No deeper meaning existed,
Only a simple common courtesy,
Never once have I ever beg for more,
Still do show me some mercy.
It wasn't love nor a like,
Yet there were hidden feelings,
I know it's simply a dream,
But I can't help but keep falling.
Estherzz21 Jan 2016
Once upon a time,
there was a me and you,
happiness rang like chimes,
and our smiles did so too.
No bizarre moment flared,
nor sadness overthrew,
we were simply scared,
that our feeling'll be *******.
They named us liar and a fake,
cause we seemed too perfect,
so for our own sake,
we pretended there was no effect.
Yet a little too late were we,
to realize the truth of us all,
so desperate to suppress what we see,
that didn't notice we had fall.
We swayed and drifted,
and parted with a crime,
that scarred as we shifted,
but that was just once upon a time.
I don't regret anything.
Estherzz21 Jan 2016
The beeps didn't seem to revive,
The bumps didn't seem to arise,
The heartbeats that weren't alive,
And the body that's deprived.

Those nonexistence drops of tears,
Those never-ending blisters,
Those eyes gleaming once with fears,
Yet now it dies with no hints of cheers.

Terror was what kept you warmed,
Love was what made you wile,
Hatred was simply deformed,
But Death was what made you smile.
Estherzz21 Dec 2015
Her lips landed on dusted truffle,
A bite she gave to enjoy its savor,
Its luscious made her crumble and ruffle,
A nip of love that made her waver.
Soon she taste a hint of venom,
To wreck, to wrench, and finally grieve,
Afar she was away from heaven,
Scarred and shattered, she had to leave.
Yet within lies a never-known secret,
One that she may never ever experience,
An antidote as rare and sacred,
To which had aid in her ignorance.
A chocolate truffle with sweetness outside,
yet venom within that kills its vessel,
but unknown to most was the hidden serum.
Estherzz21 Nov 2015
How odd is it the way it plays,
How weird is it the way it says,
How dreadful it is when it gaze,
And to realize that it's all a maze.

With lips of slyness curling up.
yet eyes as dead as perished fish,
With fist of hatred clenching tight,
yet words of kindness with a wish.

Hold the knife, the rope and pills,
Hold it tight and never give up;
Hold the thread that keeps you alive,
Hold it till it finally snaps.

Keep your head high and clear,
Keep your minds straight and sheer,
Keep your thoughts away from smears,
And make decisions by your fears.
Estherzz21 Nov 2015
I know a story, sentimental or not,
a story of a pair of twin, in love with all they got,
may it be an assumption, but one seemed to rot,
and in all obviousness, his being was soon to be caught.
And so it began with mother filled with love,
she gave her all for the two lil monster like a dove,
but yet in sudden out of their life she was shoved,
and feelings of them both were soon to be disposed off.
Details of most honestly can't be told,
but soon they were apart yet their heart were still the same old,
the one which was violated had his room filled with mirrors,
which was assumed as narcissistic but the truth wasn't any nearer.
Till the end was it only known,
but it was too late for all feelings to be shown;
*because the reflection wasn't of himself, but of his twin that he deeply love,
for a protection, for a safety, that he never ever did felt of.
I love them.
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