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Nov 2014
***, you are not repulsive
You seem very embracisive.

If I was a guy and saw you all the time
I would honestly die.

Just from the words that spill onto your paper
I think I will just have to meet you later.

Most guys are stupid
okay that was more of a understatement.

A lot of guys are very stupid, letting the one thing go that think are just toys, to be used, abused and hurt.
Thinking we won't retort.

I may have only read one or two of your poems
But *** you have a long way a head, let it show'em
how much you don't care anymore about him and his


because that's all it is.

Boy's only want love if it's torture.

You are an amazing poetess and you have to make it shine
for all those girls who are so upset they dial nine,nine,nine
instead of 910-go-****-yourself, I'm moving on.

Your talent is hiding, please let the world see your amazing writes.
This girl is an amazing writer and Charbear909 I'm sorry for the way he hurt you. He's a major ****** bag for that.
Crushing Love
Written by
Crushing Love  In my head, It's safe
(In my head, It's safe)   
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