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Nov 2014
Dear Blank,
I left your name blank because I don't know who you are,
or where you are.
Are you near, or are you far?

Dear Blank,
Sometimes I wonder if I truly need you,
Or if I'm better off on my own.
But I am scared: will you lift me up or hold me down?

Dear Blank,
Will I ever find you? Are you really there?
Or are you just a memory, and idea, a question--
A question, with no answer, or confession.

Dear Blank,
If I search, will I find you?
I would call out for you, but I don't know your name,
And all I see surrounding me is more of the same.

Dear Blank,*
Are you really there?
I was inspired by the Dear Blank challenge which is going on right now. This isn't following the guidelines of writing it to another Hello Poetry member, which is why I didn't submit it as part of the challenge, but it is similar.
Karina B
Written by
Karina B
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