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Dec 2014
It's so easy to forget,                                            Then suddenly... gone
Let thoughts just slip away...                      a      I agree though,
Let them fade into non-existence.                   w      It's sad
Or at least that's how people play it.            a                  Sad how easy it is
Honestly...                                                   ­                        To pretend to
If you try to forget something,                            t        care
The more it just sticks with you.       a                                  love
Anything you want to remember...              o            dream
Well, that just seems to slowly f            l                                     forget

But that's all life really is, isn't it?
                                                             ­                       One big old **pretence
Dear Blank Challenge 2014. Written for Mikayla Hughes in response to her wonderful poems (check them out they're great)
Forgotten Dreams
Written by
Forgotten Dreams  Lost in my own insanity
(Lost in my own insanity)   
     Creep, V Anna, ---, Styles, Weeping willow and 2 others
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