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Sofiluvu Jan 12
I want to be your victim
I want to be your prey
Please put all the tension
Pull up all your strength
I want to be your victim
I need to be your prey
I won’t runaway
I won’t resist or hesitate
You take me and you **** me
I always wanted this
I want to be your victim
I want to be your prey...
Inspire by the story of #chriswatts movies #dexter and #gonegirl
Justus Aug 2018
Standing there... drenched in a forgotten angel’s cold sweat
My mind went blank... and then I uttered the most important words of my life

Omelette du fromage
The answer to all of the world’s problems is a short, incorrectly said French entree
Andrew Kerklaan Dec 2011
On the other side I can see him  
Neither here nor there...  
Perhaps somewhere in between...  
Maybe even just... A dream?  
My tears are his laughter  
Pushing thoughts from my mind and into his own  
He takes the stand  
An audience of one, I am forced to watch the show alone  
With mirrored eyes I can see only but a reflection  
...Not of me but rather something-- Or someone else...  
Like premonitions of death the pictures are dark  
But with the curtain uncalled "the show must go on"  
His porcelain doll eyes yield no remorse...  
A life left un-lived these visions run their course  
Sacrificing love for life  
I was forced to watch my mother die  
Left behind, a soul by thine own hand...  
A darker chapter still left to see?  
Or am I simply catching a glimpse of what could of been?  
A "dark passenger" I'm seeing just the same...
ryn May 2017
It lurks at the back of your consciousness.
It dwells in the pit of your stomach.

It is strong.
Strong enough to exist -
behind the facade of calm demeanors.
Strong enough to swim against the currents
of indoctrinated beliefs of righteousness.
Strong enough to be the wrong amidst all rights.

It is the speaker for the voiceless.
It is the doer for the incapable.
It is the strength for the weak.
It is sweet escape for the trapped.


It's there in the lull.
When all is quiet, you hear it.
Whispering, inciting, winning you over.

It will take you over.
It will steer the wheel.
But only if you want it just as much.
There's a little bit of evil in all of us.

Inspired by "Dexter", the tv series.
Ena Alysopriono Nov 2014
Dear Dexter,

All of your poems are filled with hatred with a deep underlying pain. You convey messages of undeserved hurt through your poems so well I am hurting with you.

Every poem is beautiful, no matter how dark the subject. There is even a beauty to the raw, ugly ones that show truth.

I chose a few of my favourite lines and responded to them.

“Everyone was so consumed in their own sadness that they failed to notice mine.”

You have been noticed. All of your poetry is amazing, but it breaks my heart. I can relate to your feeling of being overlooked. When everyone has their problems and you try to say something about yours, but no one has the time to here them and eventually you just fade into the background. No one has to be entirely alone. even if you only reach out to people on hello poetry, there are people here, myself included that care a lot about other people’s pain and through poetry you can feel it so much clearer than you can in conversation.

“Your self worth
runs even deeper.”

You make a poem about self hate sound hopeful with these lines. It is supportive and beautiful.

”because how do you tell someone 
who has never shed a drop of blood in 
their life,
that every part of you is bleeding.”

These lines break my heart. They are so full of pain and truth. It is really astounding poetry.

“because no matter 
the number
on the scale, 
you will still
call me at 3am,
begging for a 
reason to live.”

You capture the human nature so well. We have feelings that run deeper than instincts, think beyond logic and explanation, but when it comes down to it, we still have a survival instinct, that begs us not to **** ourselves.

“Stop making the hurt you feel sound cool and trendy. 
Tell the world what it's truly like
because lately people have sewn the words 
"Beauty" and "pain" into a cute little pink sweater in white lace.”

These words are so true. It seems like everyone is romanticizing pain, instead of discouraging people to follow in those footsteps.  I know that there is no one in the world who would wish this upon their little brother or sister, son or daughter, friend, any relative. It is a pain no one should experience and it should never be advertised. I think you capture this in your poem/rant very well.


I feel your pain, you cynicism about the world, your hope that shows up even in some of the darkest of poems. I don’t know you except from your poetry, but it seems that life has been cruel. I sincerely hope that life decides to stop being such a ******* and turns around for you, soon. I believe that things will get better, for anyone who suffers anything, if you give it a chance. I think you have waited long enough and deserve something good now. You are a good person, you care about others, I can see it in your poem, Pain isn’t Beautiful which is entirely true and I have seen people making pain seem desirable. Your words ring truth and support for people who are suffering. Keep writing.

For those of you who have not read some of Dexter's work, you definitely should.
Faith Jun 2014
He makes the shallow cut on the cheek of yet another victim;
hope has been lost for another criminal
that roams the streets freely.

— The End —