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Ember Evanescent Dec 2014
Dear Maggie Grace,

I find you to be a phenomenal poet. I want to recognize, acknowledge, and express my admiration, for all of your marvelous work, you are a beautiful part of this site and I have selected some of my favorite lines from your work. It is all really spectacular, and I have put my interpretations and thoughts below each poetic phrase you wrote:

Drinking my cold chai tea,
Tears falling endlessly.
-Maggie Grace

This is so vivid and genuine. The reality and physicality captured by these lines is fascinating and incredible. The description of the sensory so simply yet brilliantly put. I love your style of poetry. Also, chai tea is amazing. ;P

“Yes, I’m fine,”
And people believe me,
-Maggie Grace

You bring to focus such an achingly relatable topic. To be so indescribably not fine, but to say it anyway and to have people believe you, it is a unique and unpretty type of pain.

Weaving their web of lies,
Their pain they hide.
Don’t say hurtful things,
-Maggie Grace

I love, love LOVE these lines “weaving their web of lies” such magnificent imagery WOW! And the message you convey is such a vital one. To fight against hurtful words.

Save the teenage girl,
she needs her life,
she needs her everything,
stop bullying.
-Maggie Grace

Bullying is such a global, agonizing problem and you have truly snared the essence of the anguish of being bullied. You are an excellent poet.

I like to wander in the snow, and think about things, like you.
-Maggie Grace

You paint a picture with words here, and so many of us can really connect with that sort of feeling, a pensive mood, pondering another soul in this world. The setting you provide is lovely. “To wander in the snow” how delicate and beautiful.

Maggie Grace,

Thank you for blessing Hello Poetry with your presence. I am proud to call you a fellow poet, I could really feel your soul in the poetic pieces you compose and you have a beautiful soul from what I can tell. Keep writing, because you are a credit to the art of writing. :)

Love Ember Evanescent
Everyone should check out Maggie Grace's work it is absolutely exquisite she has a gift for writing. Really, really talented poet. :)
Ember Evanescent Nov 2014
Dear TheEndOfForever

I’ve read your poems.

All of them.

You seemed like the type of writer who has a writing style worth reading every single one of their works.

I liked as many as I had time for but after a while I just read because I got lost in the words you wrote.

I just want you to know that I would have loved to have liked them all (if I had more time).

I don’t know you personally, but I read your poetry and I believe you are a very emotionally brave person.

Sounds like you have been through a lot.

Lots of it sounds similar to what I’ve been through, but we have all got stories to tell.

The unpretty kind.

I just thought I’d let you know that you are the externally as well as internally pretty kind of person.

Unpretty things tend to happen to those types of people.

It sounds like you have been scarred in many ways, the way many have, but it is just as horrible.

It hurts my heart to think that you have been in pain because you are a truly phenomenal poet.

Lots of your poetry contains powerful and agonizing emotions.

Tales of heartbreaking experiences and incidents.

Beautifully written, but beautifully tragic as well.

I took some of my favorite lines of your poetry and responded to them.

I just want you to know, you are recognized, acknowledged, admired, commended, and loved as a poet by me.

I hope this doesn’t freak you out, but I just want you to know that your poetry is one of the few that has truly affected me inside and inspired me.

I am proud to know you as a fellow poet.
Know that you are beautiful inside (judging by your poetry) and I don’t know if that profile picture is you or not for sure but if it is, outside as well.
Honestly though, I don’t care about how beautiful other people are externally.

You are a very strong person to have survived through everything your poetry depicts and anything else you haven’t shared.

I admire you for being introverted and so accepting of yourself that way.

You are a lovely person and poet.

Stay strong.


You don't bother to check me, though you must have your suspicions
I never wear the proper clothes for these ungodly conditions
Its hot as hell but I love my long sleeves
What more proof do you need than these?

I’ve been there. It hurts when they are oblivious because it is as if they don’t care but just know that not knowing and not caring are two different things. Since you posted this poem, I know that you have an scarring secret to hide. You are brave to keep it secret. Also, relatable and incredible writing. I love these phrases.

I am the dark one,
And the dark one is me.

Darkness is beauty as far as I am concerned. Magnificent poetic line.

I'm nothing worth holding onto
You would drown trying to keep me afloat

I think you are worth holding onto. Some people are worth drowning for. You seem like one of them. Still, powerful imagery and metaphor. What an extraordinary idea to introduce.

Listen, I'm sorry

You are very brave and strong to be saying you are sorry for something. I admire you for that especially since I struggle with sorrys. It takes a small person to latch on to pride and never say they are sorry. It takes courage to admit being wrong or remorse. I applaud you for this. Also, relatable and raw poetry. Lovely line.

My love for you is just too much,
So this burden, I won't share

So achingly relatable. You are so, so beautifully selfless to protect them out of love, sacrificing your own relief of sharing your burden and carrying it alone just to unselfishly save them the pain. I absolutely adore this poetic phrase.

Dear TheEndOfForever,

Thank you for writing these exquisite works of art made out of words and emotions.

You are a compliment to the art of poetry.

You have inspired me and amazed me.

From one poet to another: You. Are. Beautiful. Inside. And. Out.
So is your poetry. <3



— The End —