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Astra Jul 2018
Hand knitted from day one,
Afraid of who I’ve become,
Alone and unloved by someone who calls herself no one,
Invisible a talent I possess,
Everyone sees me yet please don’t tell me you do,

I remember that songs I use to sing along,
Now as they play I bow my head down wondering if this is that day,

They notice,
Notice who I’ve become,
Notice how much I hate this lady who says she’s me but called me no one,

Miss. No one they say,
That’s me, is it not?
this is the girl I’ve become someone who’s not yet numb;
again don’t forget I’m only afraid of who I’ve become,
Hand knitted from day one
June,4,2018, All rights reserved
Elise Jackson Jul 2017

towards the end.
Day 1/31 of my "Six Words A Day" Challenge for the whole month of July, the whole collection can be found on my page on the first of August.
lo May 2016
i am at a friends house when your favorite song starts to play. i forgot you two like the same bands. i dont ask her to skip it, instead let it play, as i recount the numerous times ive heard you sing it to me. i can see your smile in the speckled white paint of her kitchen, hear your voice in my ears anytime she says my name. i am wearing my favorite shirt, and it is only when i am halfway to her bathroom that i realize it is the shirt you bought me for christmas. i look at my feet as i sit back down to see the shoes you bought me for my birthday, i look around to find the bracelet that you made and sent to me adorning my wrist and i wonder when my life became so for you and i dont want to think about this but how can i write about the importance of factoring quadratics when the most important thing to me is you? i didnt want to write a poem this time but ive found myself doing just that with your name as the subject line and your heart as the foundation and i hope there is never another day when i write a sad story with your name for the main character but with a heart like this, whos to say what goes?
written one day after the only person ive learned to fall in love with left
Marquis Hardy Apr 2015
You're not a stranger

I am convinced I have known you my whole life.

It's never changing, you and I. but the concept of us is forever growing.
It doesn't matter how long we will go without speaking I know we remain the same.
You're not a stranger.

I am convinced I have known you my whole life.

Time attempts to drive a wedge between us, you and I, but that's where it lies amiss.
We've never quite been two separate people so we've just been gliding along the sands of time.
You're not a stranger.

I am convinced I have known you my whole life.

However, if one day I find it is I who is amiss, it will be the most sincere pleasure to meet you again.
Alicia Apr 2015
Awakened to *******.
A man's misconstrued idea of what a woman needs to do.

His misery, he slowly found comfort. He tried
to **** me into an everlasting hole of darkness
for as long as I can remember. And I refused
to cave.

Never would I diminish the joy in my soul for a man
like you. There is no comfort in mediocrity, better known
as you.

For the last time, I
solemnly swear that I will never give my energy
to a man's wants and needs. I come first.
And I always will.
Twitter: @the_monAlicia
No audio.

So sorry for being so MIA. I've been busy with life, lol. I can't wait to get back to sharing my poetry for National Poetry Month.

— The End —