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Spent his time gazing into space
depression has no weight nor a hight nor a face
Thinking of a place where he could nestle that was warm
growing quite familiar with his demons by the swarm
Invited them to eat with him as loneliness had grown
invited them to stay with him for empty was his home
Nothingness was common in the center of his flesh
issues were his homies bringing multitudes of stress
Feeling type inadequate among the happy folk
many saw these problems as a giggle or a joke.
If i die inside my mind ;
there will be no corpse to leave my family behind
Trailing just before me are the monkeys on my back
eating all the crumbs from my mouth i couldn't pack..

This new terrain is dark
the sun hasn't won since my being isn't stark
Often times running in a circle from the past
the last could be first but in line they were passed..
A homie wrote something grim recently, was inspiring
Threw his heart like fast ball
bad call sitting very high on his last straws...
Nothing really changed ;
continued broken cycle
His fortitude deranged

Why bring pain on yourself like that
better to have loved than have just sat back
Cookie crumble crumbs didn't feel very filling
arms outstretched to embrace empty feelings...

Usually he saw very far in the path
lately lacking nourishment his eyesight has passed
Crutch grown weary as the burden grows more
flower full bloom turned to an eye sore..
First world issues got your bundle in a knot
brothers being labeled by police and getting shot
Many are confused with the delusion in the plot
which keeps us separated so the fed can reap his crop..
Its not
It stops
The "strong" will pay
The weak
Will say
No more..
show your insecurities the door
We need to build each other like we never have before..
i tell my brother everything his ego needs to hear
So we can push up forward with the ******* in the rear..
say hi ; to victory as weakness leaves your side
Get used to different company and bolster forth your stride..
Eating all the fruit in which my guardian had blessed me with
pulling out the blades my crooked homies had addressed me with
Crying tears for nothing in particular infested with
thoughts of sorrow mentally destroying all my tenureship...

I used to never leave my home
humans give me nada but the urge to be alone
Trapped inside a box inside a cage inside a zone
in which i could not leave i could not breathe while still as stone...

Theres so much left to say
many words to spew not enough of time in day ;
Shell ask you to lay on her
but little did you know
That she's a bed of spikes
deep in the ground below

If you could change the past
would you make alterations
Or watch yourself get eaten
in all past altercations..

If you are someones flower
remember all the pain
Of watching pedals wilt
and soiled in the rain..

If you are someones treasure
appreciate your worth
For without those like you
the lives of most are worse..
In the depths of your spine ;
chakras are aligned they'll awaken at a time
When you bout to lose your mind
its fine
I find im stuck in mazes all the time
the visions in my mind often lost as i am blind ;
losing track of all my time
Obtuse to the benign as a god i couldn't find..
stool ;
I find that i am looking like a fool
the confines of my shell which i returned had kept me cool..
But now
i realize to a god a shouldn't bow
Instead i built myself a pedestal and won't come down..
I smell that i am rotting
the flower by my nose  
Was easily retrieved
from dirt beneath my toes

Distract me from the pain
redirect my sadness
Are those in love sane
or wallowing in madness..?

Everything is potent till you use it all the time
yet your still on canvas in the paintings of my mind
I find ;
i never quite lose you all the way
I tossed you to the ground
but wanted you to stay..
Too tired to create
too vigorous to die
My past lives itch when id rather sit or lye
my third opened wide when these devils came to haunt me
Federals amphetamines designed to keep you raunchy

Id like to be indifferent
alas im like the rest
Smile upon on my face
sorrow in my chest
Never ******* about the lack of sunshine in the sky
never changed the way i walk to keep my sneakers dry
Often tried to change the lesser aspects of my self
failing miserably then straight secluding using stealth

Dreaming of a place where only i alone exist
running from the monkeys on my back i should resist
Eating quite abundantly until i cannot walk
screaming at the trees until i find i cannot talk
All cradled tight in the fingers of the clock
All losing track of direction which we walk
All focused heavily on trying to survive
All losing peace as our unity divides

Some losing sleep over failing in the past
Some creeping close to serenity at last  
Some running fast from the doors that they opened
Some bursting through without care for the quotient
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