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SelinaSharday Oct 2018
I could see the storm in the sky.. It was broadcasted and televised..

I got a quick glimpse and it was heading up our way..

I felt very unprepared for such a massive storm.
From the side of my eye I seen how massive and strong of a storm was brewing..

I seen close loved ones and the most precious of them all.
Even the newly gifted one.

We all made haste movements to prepare for the storm approaching..
My sis had opened the windows widely.

I said I thought it was said to keep them closed.

This storm hit and it hit super hard.
I felt the precious gift almost slip through my finger tips.
As we all were under the attack of it.

I captured our gift and held it securely in my *****.
The massive winds shook the foundations as we all prayed.
The winds causing loud alarms in our ears.

I can't believe we outlived this massive hit.
It passed through.. but the damages around our surroundings was clear.

We'd need to repair, rebuild, everything.
and even our relationships. Would need to be fixed.
The one of many dreams about storms...S.A.M 10-18-18
I have had many dreams of seeing weather and storms ice winter ones and floods of waters.  Then winds of hurricanes of which I always survive. And each time I dream I can hear myself praying..through the storm.
kris evans Aug 2015
little things
consumes nearly the whole of our soul....
storms...blizzards....draughting one's hopes...
in the midst of all the chaos
little things survive...
their essence resonating our minds ...
reminding us of His presence...
the storms will pass....
the giants may fall....
but wading through them all...
little elements of joy linger.
Mohammad Skati Jan 2015
All emergency crews can not shovel or                                                                   Can not do anything until those blizzards                                                   Come to a standstill anytime and anywhere                                                Simply because all works will be useless ...                                                  The whole life is down and that is enough to tell                                                The whole people anywhere and everywhere ...                                                 Man is weak creature in front of God's authority ...                                             The whole image is completely white and wonderful,but                                  The whole life is down to its bones anywhere and everywhere ...                                      Blizzards are cruel tyrants simply because                                              That's it ...                                                                                                    We're all besieged by those blizzards endlessly ....                                  We feel like our inevitable end comes closer ...                                               Either we give up or we pray God to protect us ....                                 We can not hide our faces from what's going on ,but                                   We need to admit our weaknesses in front of God's fate ...                           As long as blizzards persist in hitting us like this ,then                                We have no choice until everything back to normal ....
Mohammad Skati Jan 2015
Snows challenge our existence and                                                                         We're completely incapable of                                                                                Doing anything ....                                                                                                   Life-threatening blizzards challenge                                                                     Us with their shapes and their sizes ....                                                                   In front of God's ability ,                                                                                          We become like tiny grains of sands ............                                                          Ugly blizzards are ugly monster                                                                          That prey on us ....

— The End —